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ISR supports a Christmas concert

Although she has lived for over 20 years in Germany, American pianist and author Robin Goldsby is still intrigued by the German culture. The Christmas season, for one, is celebrated and observed in a much different way in America than it is in Germany. On Wednesday evening, Goldsby, along with German actor Heike Bänsch, held a concert entitled “An American Christmas” it told the story about the differences between the German and American Christmas celebrations, both past and present. The concert, which had a piano accompaniment, was moving and in some instances even humorous.

The hosts of this wonderful event were: Steinway & Sons in Düsseldorf, the organizers were the Amerika Haus NRW and the American-German Women’s Club Düsseldorf, supported by ISR. A huge thank you goes out to all the parents who were able to attend this cheery Christmassy Evening.