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G8 Social Studies Trip to Rome

From November 24th to 27th, selected Grade 8 Social Studies students went on a study trip to Rome and Pompeii. It was a very successful trip. The students received guided tours of the Colosseum and ancient Roman Forum, which gave some context to our studies of the Roman Republic. This immersion was furthered with an extensive tour of the Pompeii excavation. It was fascinating to see in such detail and immaculate preservation the daily lives of ancient Romans.

In addition to the topical visits, students were also able to see some of the famous sights of Rome such as the Spanish Stairs and Trevi Fountain. The trip had deep impact for some students and all of those who participated enjoyed travelling to such a famous city and making memories together.

Ms. Przybylski and Mr. Thompson were very impressed with how responsible the students were travelling together and following the planned itinerary.