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Dribble artists, short-pass aces and penalty kickers at ISR

For the second time, we organized the “DFB-Paule-Schnupper-Abzeichen” on Friday, the 24th. Seventy girls and boys from ISR and neighbouring schools, dribbled, fitted and shot at the three stations in the ISR Sports Hall. No problem for the aspiring football talents, even though the station Elferkönig (penalty kickers) was a special challenge for some.

The kids could win a badge in gold, silver or bronze. We’re very thankful for the support of PSV Neuss and their football coach, Markus Bartsch, and his team. Karsten Baumann, who is responsible for the ISR football program since the beginning of October, is satisfied: “The kids had a lot of fun and I see a lot of potential,” says the former football professional. “In addition, the badge is a good opportunity to expand the cooperation with the Neusser Vereine”.