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Trial Day at the Deutsche Bank – Königsallee Düsseldorf

Thanks to our cooperation with the Deutsche Bank, five of our 10th and 11th graders got a glimpse into the world of finance with the Deutsche Bank team on the Kö, led by Mr. Marcel Brünnen, Regional Manager for Deutsche Bank yesterday. The group got a chance to learn how Personal Banking, Private Banking and Business Banking departments in the bank operate and work together.

A highlight of the day was the Virtual Reality experience offered to our students before the joint lunch. A Q&A session with the HR department as well as a feedback meeting with Mr. Jacobs, Branch Manager of the Königsallee, complemented the interesting day.

Due to the high number of students who wish participate in those trial days, we are pleased to offer for the next group of students another trial day at Deutsche Bank on November 11, 2017. A huge thank you goes to the Deutsche Bank and Mr Brünnen for offering our students this amazing opportunity to experience the world of banking from the inside. And we would also like to thank Ms. Niafas for the organization and coordination of this wonderful agenda for the day!