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Fake news in the digital age – Prevention, Detection and Measures to be taken

“Fake News” is one of the most important topics being currently discussed on account of its high influence in world events. Especially in the digital age, it has often become difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Fake news can have a significant impact on how news is spread and is therefore a serious problem; something that should be addressed and remedied at the earliest.

On 10th October 2017, we had the honour of welcoming Mr. John Ydstie, a long-standing and experienced journalist and radio Reporter at National Public Radio (NPR), as our guest speaker Mr Ydstie gave a lecture on how to recognise Fake News and how creators of Fake News try to manipulate people. He also discussed the reasons for and motives behind creating and spreading Fake News. Furthermore, Mr Ydstie shared with a students a checklist from the “The News Literacy Project” to enable them to quickly and easily detect Fake News.

We would like to thank Mr. Ydstie for his visit and for providing us with the great opportunity to discuss such a critical and relevant topic at our school.