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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

A new school year commences – 1st day of School at ISR!

Today our 5–12th Graders were heartily “Welcomed to ISR” and “Welcomed Back to School”. It was our pleasure to greet many new students and their families as well as our returning ISR students, who came back to school after a relaxed summer break.

Our new parents had the opportunity to meet each other and get to know our staff members while enjoying coffee and snacks.
Later, Grades 7–12 students had a great reunion in the Exam Hall. Our new teachers as well as our SLO® team, introduced themselves to our students.

Our management team announced the motto for the new school year: “The Year Of Accountability” during their welcome speech. Mr. Soliman emphasized, that the students should set themselves a clear goal, as well as take responsibility for their actions in order to successfully shape their future.

Our KG and First Graders finally joined us for our “Meet your teacher” day. They were excited to see their new classrooms in our beautiful extension to the building.

Once again, a warm welcome to all our new students and welcome back to all those who have returned to start their new school year at ISR!