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Outstanding IB Diploma Results for ISR Students

The graduates of ISR International School on the Rhine have once again raised the bar with an excellent IB average score. The students achieved an average score of 36 points for their IB Diploma exams; in comparison world average scores were 30. Last year, ISR graduates achieved an average score of 34 points.

In addition, 25% of ISR graduates this year achieved an average score of 40 points and above- thus propelling them into the league of top scorers globally. Last year only 3% of graduates worldwide achieved these scores- the global statistics for this year are not available yet.

“We are pleased to note that the considerable efforts made by the students as well as the significant investments in personnel and facilities made by ISR have led to these fantastic results”- says Mr Soliman, Proprietor of ISR. “It’s particularly noteworthy that almost 50% of the students has achieved an IB Bilingual Diploma and has successfully mastered the supplementary language requirements. Students, Parents and teachers can be proud of this achievement” It’s not only the top scorers who have displayed excellent results. Mr Soliman continues “all ISR students receive individual support to help them reach the best of their abilities. Hence it’s also a huge accomplishment that all graduates have achieved the full IB Diploma with scores significantly higher than the minimum requirement of 24 points. “
ISR graduates, all of them who are taught in English, celebrated their Graduation Ceremony in the plenary hall of the Düsseldorf City Hall, together with their families and ISR staff. Mr Thomas Geisel, Mayor of Düsseldorf, praised the internationalism of the graduating class during his commencement speech on 23rd June. This year the graduates came from 7 countries: Germany, China, Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia and Brazil.

The graduates’ excellent results have opened the doors to renowned universities worldwide, amongst other Imperial College (UK), University College London (UK), University of San Francisco (USA), University of Melbourne (Australia) and University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). “The graduating class of 2017 has received a total of 100 offer of placements from universities, an average of 5 per graduate”, emphasises Ms Eileen Lyons, School Director at ISR since 2007. Apart from English, ISR also focuses on the development of other languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese. The French teachers can be justifiably very proud of their Grade 9 and 10 students. As Ms Lyons confirmed, “All 22 students successfully passed the DELF external examinations and achieved an impressive average score of 90%.” At ISR, French is taught from 6th grade onwards by native speakers. The French department cooperates with Institut Français, for example through the annual visit by France Mobil. The DELF -scolaire (Diplôme d`etudes des langue Française) is an internationally recognised French language examination.

In the near future, ISR International School on the Rhine will be able to offer multi-lingual education to even more students from Kindergarten onwards. The current expansion of the building allows the school to accept an additional 100 kids (aged3-6 years) in the Kindergarten. The school has invested around 1 Million Euros in the expansion of its kindergarten. Mr Soliman, the proprietor, states “this ensures that we meet our high quality standards and enables us to maintain small classes”

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