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The deputy mayor of Neuss visits ISR

On 12th June Mr Hörsken, deputy mayor of Neuss and managing director of the local Lukaskrankenhaus, visited us to share his interesting vita and outstanding experiences with our 10th and 11th graders.

While  he is currently responsible for the important areas “social” and “youth” in the city of Neuss today, he has been deeply involved field of education during his 32-year long career.

Drawing on his experience he stated that it’s not just enough to be a good professional after your graduation: You have to be able to join a team, to take over leadership and to show loyalty towards your own employees. “At first I had never had any idea of something, I was just faster than the others,” he revealed with a smile. You can also make mistakes, but only if you don’t repeat them twice, he explained to the students.

Mr. Hörsken offered our students internships in the City of Neuss, asking them to think about their preference in terms of operational areas beforehand (social and cultural activities, child and youth work, etc.).

We would like to thank Mr. Hörsken for this enriching visit and hope he visits us again to inspire future graduates!