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Mathematical Kangaroo 2017

On Thursday, 16.03.17, ISR students participated in the International Kangaroo Maths competition on “Kangaroo Day”. Last week, award assemblies were held to recognize the participants and the students who placed.

  • In Grade 3, Clara & Ruiyang (Ryan) came in second place and Yu Jie (Roger) came in third.
  • In Grade 4, we were happy to announce that Zile and Isabelle also received second place and Michael finished in third.
  • In Grade 5, the students did an outstanding job with Masatoma placing first and Misa placing second.

Additionally, we had two "longest kangaroo jumpers" at ISR: The “longest kangaroo jump” is awarded to the participant from each school who had the most consecutive correct answers. Longest Kangaroo Jump ISR “Gymnasium” Eren (Gr. 6), Longest Kangaroo Jump ISR “Grundschule” Isabelle (Gr. 4)

A huge thank you to the Maths Department for your support in organizing registration, proctoring, data entry, etc. You inspire our students each and every day! Well done!