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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

“The little dragon who wants to marry”

The much anticipated puppet show “The little dragon who wants to marry” was brilliantly preformed on May 21st at ISR. Mr. Alexander Betov dazzled Grades 1–6 through his enchanting story told by puppets. We laughed with and supported the little dragon who wanted to find his happiness in all the wrong places.

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Model United Nations (MUN) Rostock

At the end of May, twelve of our Grade 11 students will participate in the Baltic Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Rostock. Here, they will showcase their debate skills through discussions with other international students about their knowledge of current events and important global issues. Good luck!

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Habitat for Humanity

Nine of our Grade 11 students went to Portugal in April to help “Habit for Humanity”. This charity is committed to eradicating poverty and substandard living conditions globally. By collecting funds, “Habitat for Humanity” is able to provide building materials for voluntary teams to aid families in building houses, which is often unaffordable for them.

This year, our students helped completely renovate a retired couple’s house that was in danger of collapsing. The new house looks amazing and our students did a great job. Thank you for making such a positive impact on the lives of others!

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LSE – London School of Economics

A Senior International Recruitment Officer from London School of Economics visited ISR today, April 28th. LSE specializes in social sciences, more specifically in economics. According to the QS World University Rankings, LSE ranks 3rd in the world in Economics and Econometrics and is top ten in many other fields of study.

This was yet another great opportunity for students and families to get more precise information directly about a top university, its educational philosophy, enrolment requirements, and much more. The presentation was enlightening and he made time to answer all questions. This was a big help in making such an important decision for our students future.

Guest speaker Mrs. Shimazaki

This week we welcomed Mrs. Shimazaki, Certified Clinical Psychologist (Japan), as a guest speaker. She held a lecture about how children and families can recover from stress from overseas’ life.

It was a privilege to have Mrs. Shimazaki, the honourable wife of Mr. Shimazaki, a Japanese consul general in Düsseldorf, as a guest at ISR. Our parents appreciated the opportunity to share their experiences with Mrs. Shimazaki and to receive her competent guidance. We would like to thank her for taking the time to visit us and for the valuable contribution she made to our ISR Japanese community.

Imperial College of London at ISR

A Senior International Recruitment Officer from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine visited ISR on Wednesday, April 15th. Imperial College is one of the world’s leading universities of science, engineering, and medicine, consistently ranking among the top ten, according to the Times Higher Education world ranking.

Her presentation was informative and helpful to interested students. She not only discussed programs and admissions criteria, but also explained the character of the university and what they are looking for in a student. The students and parents took the opportunity to ask any questions they had in order to make a clear decision if it would be the right institute of higher education for them or their children.

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New IT Lab in ISR

The new information technology room was finished over spring break. It features 30 brand new PCs equipped with the newest hardware and software technology. All computers are programmed with Windows 8.1 and the latest Microsoft technology. The hardware produces a minimum exhaust and noise emission, making for a more comfortable learning environment. Each workstation is equipped to be used in a variety of ways to complement the school curriculum. We are excited about the new investment in a more modern and digital facility for all of the IT classes and the enrichment it will bring to other subjects. All ISR students starting from Grade 1 have an IT course as a component of their class schedule.

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