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University lecture for Grade 11

Today Professor Klaus Brockhoff from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management visited our 11th graders and held a lecture on: “Equity and Equality in Income Distribution”. The students got a feel of what a university lecture is like and were completely immersed as this is a very current and interesting topic.

ISR Science Fair

On Tuesday afternoon,  the Lower Secondary School students presented their science projects to the rest of the students and parents. A number of interesting and exciting experiments were presented, for example; one display was on how energy can be generated from  fruit, which fruit gives a higher voltage and the reason why that particular fruit does that.

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Staff Appreciation Day 2018

We had a good start to the day this morning, not only is the sun shining brightly in the sky and thus spreading a merry and cheery mood everywhere, but it is also Staff Appreciation Day! Everywhere you look you can see beautiful flowers, chocolates and little thank you cards that the students lovingly prepared for their teachers and the ISR staff.

We are very proud to have, not only teachers, but also role models for our students at ISR. What else can we say than THANK YOU!

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Pool party

The kindergarten arranged their own little pool party to cope with today’s heat. The children had lots of fun and learned to care for one another, be respectful with water and to take turns.

What can we say? Summers at ISR are REALLY cool!

Guido the Firefighter teaches Kindergarteners how to react in case of a fire

Our Kindergarten had an exciting visitor today! For one they learned that not all firefighters are called Sam, but some are also called Guido. Guido taught the children how to react when a fire breaks out and how to best remember the number to call in case of an emergency. By simply using your thumbs this is how you can remember it; one thumb on the right hand, one thumb on the left hand and together they make two – 112!

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METRO Marathon Düsseldorf

On Sunday 29th April, ISR took part in the METRO Marathon Düsseldorf Team Relay, with a total of 5 relay teams – this was more teams than ISR has ever had at this event in the past! A total of 20 parents and teachers took part, and with our brand new running shirts, our ISR road-runners certainly looked the part! Not only were our ISR runners dressed to impress, their running efforts were equally as impressive! Each and every one of our ISR runners earned their medal and can be proud with their achievement!

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Grade 7 Trip to Monschau

This past weekend (27–29 April 2018) Mr. Urban and Ms. Bezuidenhout accompanied the Grade 7 students to the picturesque town of Monschau. Once everyone had been shown their rooms, the teachers took the group for a scenic walk into the small town in the Eifel. Throughout the weekend the students had a great time participating in activities that demanded teamwork and concentration.

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