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Guest speaker Christoph Daum at ISR

Another guest speaker shared his experiences and know how as a top coach with some of the ISR students, family and staff. Mr. Christoph Daum, former professional soccer trainer, enlightened us with his speech about Taking Responsibility for Your Life. By sharing his personal experiences, he gave tips on what is needed outside of school to achieve challenging goals: enthusiasm and endurance.

As he often says, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down. It matters how quickly you get back up and start running again.”We were also honoured to have Mr. Carsten Ramelow, a former soccer player, introduce Mr. Daum together with Mr. Soliman.

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International Dialog Day – “Celebrating Greece”

Greek Day was a fun-filled Friday afternoon that brought a multitude of cultures together to celebrate the Greek culture. An action packed program offered a variety of activities, performances, and Greek culinary delicacies. Students were enthralled in the different art workshops that were offered. Creating a mosaic, drawing sketches, and stuffing personally designed pillows kept students and families entertained for hours.

A cooperation of the Greek Elementary School Choir and the ISR’s Choir blew many onlookers away, as children from different nations came together to sing songs in Greek. The Greek Gymnasium Dance Group spread the proud dance tradition and fired up the audience who clapped along to show their support. We also welcomed the talented Leibniz-Gymnasium Theater Group as guest performers.

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GISST Tournaments in Berlin and Munich

Over last weekend (March 19–21, 2015), our boys and girls varsity (U19) ISR basketball teams were “On Tour”; our girls in Berlin and the boys in Munich for the GISST Basketball Tournaments. The level of basketball was very high and our students played with heart and soul. Not only were they great participants on the court, but also off the court. We thank them for that.

Also, thank you teachers and parents for your understanding and support of our students to attend this most recent trip; this is greatly appreciated. Let’s keep up the good work!

European University Consortium at ISR for Grade 9–12

On March 18th, ISR hosted a small University Fair including 8 European Universities that all offer at least one Bachelor degree taught in English. For example, the Carl Benz School / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Italy, and Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne in Switzerland.

All 8 of the presented European universities offer English taught Bachelor degrees. For detailed information of the universities’ profiles and their Bachelor programs go to: EUC – European University Consortium.

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Guest Speaker Consul Jiménez

Our Grade 9 to 12 students found out first-hand what a career in diplomacy is: the myths, the pros and cons, the glamour and the reality of this, somewhat, enigmatic profession. Dr. Hector Portillo Jiménez, Mexican Consul, held a very open, informative, honest and heart-felt talk with our students on March 17th. Our students showed a great deal of interest by asking questions that deeply impressed Dr. Portillo. At the end we, students and teachers, were a bit wiser and some of our students more interested in pursuing this career path.

We will be welcoming more prestigious guest speakers regularly as part of a new program in ISR. This should allow students to come into contact with a variety of career fields. We are looking forward to our next guest speaker!

Fieldtrip to the Fire Department in Neuss

A big thank you to “Fireman Guido” and “Fireman Sasha” from the fire department in Neuss. They spent Thursday morning teaching KG2 students about fire safety. This was a highlight for the kindergarten student’s safety project. The students really enjoyed themselves pretending to be firefighters in fire engines, completing the firefighter’s obstacle course and watching the firefighters practice a fire drill. Additionally, they gained valuable experience in making proper emergency telephone calls to the fire department.

NGZ Sportsman of the Year award ceremony at ISR

We were excited to host the NGZ and the foundation “Partner für Sport und Bildung” Sportsman of the Year award ceremony at ISR yesterday. Many of the top athletes from Neuss and the surrounding region came together for a wonderful event to recognize their outstanding accomplishments. We would also like to congratulate the world champion in equestrian vaulting, Mona Pavetic, the rudder duo, Alina Stammen and Vera Spanke, as well as all of the other athletes who made an appearance.

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