Why ISR Kindergarten?

ISR opens a new branch in Düsseldorf 2020. Click here for further information.

1. Pre-School Curriculum

kg circle04 enWe offer an enriching academic-based program with lessons in English, Math, and German where children can learn in a joyful way and can take the first steps toward developing reading and writing skills. We also put great emphasis on children’s social and emotional development, which help children to communicate their needs and build relationships with their peers. Mindfulness practices are introduced to help children identify and appropriately respond to their emotions.

Our pre-school curriculum is a flexible program tailored to the needs of each child. Thus, the children start school when they are ready for it, regardless of whether they are 5, 6, or 7 years-old.

Our teachers closely monitor the development of each child and you as a parent get one written report per term consisting of comments, but no grades. There are three terms, lasting approximately 12 weeks, in each academic year. At the end of each year, there is also an in-depth record of student performance over the whole academic year, indicating whether your child is ready to be promoted to next level or school.

2. Small Group Sizes & Individual Support

kg circle02 enGroups sizes are adjusted to the age of the children, i. e. younger children have smaller groups and more teachers per group as compared to the older children. In this way, we can optimally meet the needs of each individual child.

3. International Teaching Staff

kg circle01 enThe heart of our Kindergarten are our excellent teachers. We pride ourselves on having an outstanding team of highly motivated, international, and highly educated teachers. We also have a high teacher per student ratio. Each class has one teacher, one or two teacher assistants, a German teacher who comes at least one hour every day, a music teacher, several interns, a football coach, a librarian, and several older students from our Upper School who regularly offers science projects, act as reading buddies or just come in to help out.

4. Multilingual World Citizen

kg circle03 enOur school language is English, however, it is not a requirement for a child to speak English before they start at ISR. Children adapt and learn very fast and our experience shows that children start to speak fluently after only two or three months. All our teachers are native or near-native English speakers. In addition, children have one hour of German lessons daily.

5. Seamless Transfer into Primary School

kg circle05 enChildren coming from ISR’s Kindergarten are academically and socially more prepared to start Primary School and on-average perform better than other students in Grade 1. KG2 children visit the Grade 1 classrooms in Term 3 for a “lesson” and visit the school playground to help them become familiar with the new surroundings and expectations.

6. Full-Day Care

kg circle07 enWe offer a full-day care from 7:30 to 17:45. In the afternoon, the children have the possibility to take part in activities offered by ISR’s Student Life Organization (SLO®). Activities include, tennis, football, ballet, music, art, language courses, and much more. KG students also have the possibility to take private music lessons at any time during the day through our on-campus music school Musicbox Oxana Young Learners.

7. Strong Parent Network

kg circle09 enWe have a strong parent community with frequent opportunities for parents to meet and interact with each other and to volunteer to help with special projects in the classrooms. As we are a very international community, we celebrate international festivities like Oktoberfest, Halloween, St. Martin, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Nikolaus, Chinese New Year, Carnival, and many more. This gives our families a great opportunity to share their culture with the school community.

There is a weekly school newsletter and a separate weekly newsletter for the Kindergarten – KG Times. We also have an online calendar with upcoming events for KG and the whole school.

All our parents are also automatically part of our Parent Network, which works to create a healthy parent community, provides ideas/feedback to the school management team, and creates a platform for exchanging “best practices” between school and parents.

8. On-Campus Nurse

kg circle06 enWe have an on campus nurse who takes care of smaller injuries and who can determine whether a child is sick or not. The school nurse also keeps all parents informed if they are any illnesses going around school. She also provides guidance on how to keep your children from getting sick.

9. School Bus Transport

kg circle08 enTo best serve the needs of our parents and to ensure the safe arrival of our children, we offer school bus transportation within a radius of 75 km. Children can be picked up and dropped off at designated collection points in areas close to their homes. Prices and information can be found here.

10. Modern and Spacious Campus

kg circle10 enWe offer large classrooms, 15,000-sq meters of outdoor playground area, a fully equipped library, a sport hall, a movement room, a cafeteria, and a kiosk. As mentioned earlier, there is also a fully integrated music school so the children have the possibility to pursue musical pursuits during their time in Kindergarten.