ISR Drama Camp

The ISR Drama Camp is running from July 31st to August 11th. Theatre has the ability to shape minds, build confidence, display empathy, and build character. Mr. Sinclair will run the camp and has been in the theater and dance industry for over thirty years. The camp cost for two weeks 600 € and lunch, props, as well as materials are included.

ISR Drama Camp 2023

Colin Sinclair, the founder and Artistic Director of The Sinclair Arts Theater Company, will offer an ISR Drama Camp this year from July 31st to August 11th. The fun will begin at 9:00 AM and run until 4:00 PM daily at ISR, in the theater Studio on the 1st floor and outside on ISR grounds, weather permitting. The subject of Drama has been added to the school curriculum in the last few years. It has proven to be very popular with many students learning to express themselves artistically as well as in everyday life.

The summer camp provides the opportunity to develop specific skills that are essential for personal growth and well-being. As well as being a lot of fun and satisfaction, the participants will learn to:

• Move with ease with our movement/dance classes
• Learn performance skills that build confidence and develop creativity

The camp highlight will be the final performance at the end of the camp, where friends and family will be invited. In addition, all participants will receive a certificate and a matching camp T-shirt to remember the camp.


Students will be divided into two groups based on their age level. Each group has its own ageappropriate acting classes that focus on basic through advanced performance skills, as well as styles related to the week‘s theme.

Week one

In the first week, classes are focused on acting and movement techniques such as voice and acting training, choreography, character development, improvisation, script reading, analysis, presentation, and casting.

Week two

In week two, students are already cast for their roles in the forthcoming production, and the rehearsal process begins. The cast will also be given personal tuition in developing fundamental techniques required for the performance.

Download the application form on your device, complete it digitally, and submit it back to us online via the button in the document.

In order to use the button’s function, it is important that you first download the form. If your operating system does not support the automatic return via the button, please save it, fill it out, and send it directly to


Mr. Sinclair

Mr. Sinclair