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Was Schüler und Eltern sagen

Dear Mrs.Lyons, Mr.Soliman.

As the end of the year approaches we will like to send a little note to express our gratitude towards the ISR team and specially towards some key elements that make ISR shine.

We are all struggling to make our daily life normal in a not so normal time, it was a big relief to all of us having the full support of ISR to sustain our children and to make them feel secure and normal during this pandemic period, we have to say as a family we are impressed how ISR guided the full community, children, parents, etc


Dear Ms. Morris,

Hope everything well with you and your family.

First of all, I would like to say "Thanks indeed" to you and all your colleagues for your efforts in this special period. As the parent of Lucas, we are so appreciate to see Lucas keeps his interest and passion in learning the virtual lessons daily. I know it takes your extra time to prepare for these excited virtual lessons in order to make every student to keep his mind into the classroom. It 100% gives us the confidence in the quality and professionalism of ISR, so that no doubt we will keep trust you and will select ISR in the next academic year.

Wang Family

“I appreciate the hard work done by Mr. Peter Soliman because he and his team provide excellent health protection to all the students with quick, efficient, considerate solutions. As parents we appreciate it a lot.”

“We appreciate the hard work done by Ms. Lyons, Mr. Soliman and the ISR team, thanks for all practical methods and meticulous measures for ISR families.”

From parents and students

“I appreciate the outstanding job and very hard work of all the ISR teachers and staff because in these unprecedented times they give my son’s day a structure and the education he needs.”

“To all great Teachers at ISR Neuss, with this letter, we would like to say thank you to all teachers of ISR, who supported the students during the turbulent situation.”

“We thank all teachers for being such great role models to the students.”

From parents and students

“My son Brock is a Talentprojekt student and now schooling from the USA with ISR online. We have been impressed with ISR from the very start – making the TP students feel welcome and accommodating the student's and the program's various needs. Having the option to finish the school year with ISR from the USA has been highly appreciated and valued – we likely could not have figured out a solution (for sure one not near as good as ISR) given the Covid-19 impact on schools in the USA. Brock’s teachers have been accommodating, communicative, and highly responsive to Brock and his parents. Considering the time change, distance, and newness of the online line platform the teachers have been nothing short of amazing.”

US parents

„Unsere Wertschätzung geht an alle Staff-Mitarbeiter! Die, die jeden Morgen Unterricht via Zoom starten, was mindestens genauso anstrengend ist wie Live-Unterricht in der Klasse! Dann alle, die hinter den Kulissen arbeiten und sich um administrative Dinge kümmern. Ein großes Lob an die transparente Informationsweitergabe, das Streaming jeden Tag, die hygienischen Maßnahmen, etc.!


“A big Thank you to the entire ISR team as it's a team effort made by the entire staff of ISR.”

“I really appreciate all the 4B teachers. They are doing incredibly well… My daughter Mira Karaarslan is participating in virtual classes and waiting for them with great excitement. We thank all the 4B teachers with our whole hearts…”

“We truly appreciate every teacher for this great teaching program that has been established in such a great way. It is very comforting to know that our kids are still educated by such engaged teachers.”

From parents and students

“We would like to thank all the wonderful staff of ISR for their ceaseless efforts to provide the best possible education to our kids in these hard times.”

“I appreciate the hard work done by the Marketing Team because they continue to keep us updated about all news through social media.”

“I appreciate the hard work done by all teachers who continue to work through a global pandemic to make sure the future of our kids is secured and they can continue to benefit from high-quality education. Thank you!”

From parents and students

“First of all, thank you to all of you for taking care of everyone's health. I appreciate the hard work done by the ISR Management Team since the start of this crisis. You anticipated well what was going to happen.”

“I appreciate the hard work done by all the teachers this year. I like the way you teach our children. Thank you for your creativity, your enthusiasm, your adaptability.”

“I appreciate the hard work done by all the staff throughout the year.”

From parents and students

“I appreciate the hard work done by all ISR community doing such a great job organizing lessons and tests so we don't have to repeat all learning material.”

“I appreciate the hard work of all the primary teachers who accordingly presented the live-lessons to engage and motivate the kids every day and therefore destress the difficult task for all moms.”

“We just wanted to express a sincere “THANK YOU” – we are very grateful that the ISR teachers are so committed and hard-working keeping the school routine at this high level. We see all the extra hours going into recording and preparation and they are always in close contact with the parents – thanks a lot.”

From parents and students

Dear Ms Ghica,

I wanted to tell you how well Leopold was prepared for the German Gymnasium by the ISR. In ISR they learn how to learn (by the regular and extensive spelling lists) (Lernen zu Lernen) and to cope with quite a lot of workload. That is why the 5th grade of the German Gymnasium is not as tough for Leopold as for the other children from the German Grundschule. That is also because of the immense advantage of the English skills, he acquired at ISR.


Dear Mrs. Lyons, Mr. Soliman,

We will like to take a little time from our day to express our gratitude to a magnificent team. This year is starting to be an amazing educational journey for our kids. They have great teachers, teachers who make our kids want to come to school daily and motivate them to the point that subjects that they use to dislike so much are now their favorite subjects. Teachers that understand and motivate kids to try their best and to give their best. Teachers that have empathy and love for their students.


Dear Mr.Soliman, Mrs.Lyons

On Friday I was at ISR to conduct a fun learning activity with Ms.Insell’s class 1C. I was impressed to say the least, the way Ms.Insell conducts her class, how she speaks to the children,how they immediately listen to her, how the kids work together to reach objectives , how she promotes los that they work independently, I was just speechless, her class feels more like a spa than a first grade class, kids are so motivated ,working happy, relaxed ,learning in the best environment I have experience in a long time.


“Respected Madam

“Through this mail we would like to thank the school for being the second home for our ward. He loves going to school … what else a parent could wish for. We would also like to thank the Math teacher of class 7A for being the best teacher our child could have asked for. He has been  very motivating and this has surely helped my ward develop love for the subject . Thank You ISR!”Mrs Singh

„Die Internetseiten der ISR sowie sämtliche Informationsmaterialien bieten einen sehr guten ersten Einblick. Vertieft wird dies durch den persönlichen Kontakt. An dieser Stelle: Vielen Dank für die professionelle Beratung, Ihr Engagement, Ihre Ehrlichkeit und Ihre Empathie. Insbesondere die Möglichkeit, individuell auf unsere Fragestellungen einzugehen und diese zum Großteil mit persönlichen Beispielen zu beantworten, hat uns sehr überzeugt.

Beste Grüße“

Familie Braun

„Lieber Herr Soliman,

es mag sein, dass das etwas unerwartet kommt, aber ich finde, ich sollte noch einige meiner Lehrer benennen, die einen ausgezeichneten Job gemacht haben, und möchte dies auch entsprechend honorieren. Hierbei geht es nicht nur um das Unterrichten in den Klassen, sondern auch darum, dass sie sich nach der Schule zu Hause Zeit nehmen für ihre Schüler und dafür ihre Freizeit opfern.


„Vielen Dank für die Schulführung und alle Informationen, welche wir während der Führung bekommen haben. Wir haben uns während unseres Aufenthaltes einige Schulen angesehen, jedoch möchte ich sagen, dass die ISR dabei besonders hervorstach. In vielen anderen Schulen ging es ganz offensichtlich vorrangig um den Verkaufsgedanken.


„Von Beginn an haben sich unsere Töchter sehr schnell in der ISR eingelebt. Die Lehrer sind motivierend, hilfsbereit, enthusiastisch und sehr professionell. Unsere Töchter haben sich weiterentwickelt und sind nun selbstsicher, selbstständig und haben viel gelernt sowie akademische Erfolge erzielt.


„Der MUN-Trip war ein beeindruckender Ausflug mit vielen verschiedenen Lernmöglichkeiten und Spaß für jeden. Wir hatten die Möglichkeit, mit Leuten aus unterschiedlichen Ländern zu interagieren und konnten unsere Erfahrungen austauschen, indem wir Reden gehalten haben und über unsere eigenen Lösungen und Ideen debattiert haben. Es hat so viel Spaß gemacht!“


„Es war eine großartige Erfahrung für mich, an der MUN-Konferenz teilnehmen zu dürfen, weil es etwas komplett Neues war, das ich noch nie zuvor erlebt hatte. Die Art und Weise, wie wir gemeinsam in dem Komitee saßen, hat mir gut gefallen, und jeder hat sich sehr professionell verhalten. Das Event war sehr gut strukturiert, und es hat großen Spaß gemacht, über die verschiedenen Lösungen der Thematik „Die aktuelle Lage der Kurden“ in dem Komitee zu debattieren.