I love ISR…

Jones Family

“The kids particularly enjoy that ISR feels like a little comfy village where everyone knows everybody and is friendly.  They also like all of the diverse after-school activities on offer.  Our little ones love to dance and think it’s great that older children read books aloud to them.  Our older ones think it’s lovely that respect of others is highly regarded at ISR; they learn how to deal well with conflict as a result.”

The Jones Family, USA/Germany

Inai Family

“Since joining ISR in September, our son enjoys going to Kindergarten very much. We know it is because of the teachers, staff, academic curriculum, school facilities and everything at ISR. It is our great pleasure to watch his development.”

The Inai Family, Japan


“Going to school at ISR has helped me grow both academically and socially. The friendly but strict teachers here challenge me to be the best I can be, and my classmates contribute to the warm classroom environment. I am sure I will be prepared when I attend a top university, which is my ultimate goal.”

Doga, Turkey/Canada

Marius, Felix

“I like ISR because we have teachers from all over the world. Most of them are really funny and tell us interesting stories. ISR is great because there are so many events like the Lock-In, Talent Showcase, Spirit Days, class trips, etc. At ISR, I found friends from all over the world.”

Marius, Germany

“My level of English is miles ahead. Speaking English all day long you learn this foreign language in no time, like when I joined ISR in the first grade. I even notice it with people who joined our school recently.”

Felix, Germany


“My schoolmates are nice, and the teachers are also very nice and always help us.”

Aila, Pakistan


“I like having free time, and I also like playing with my new friends, David and Caspian, and I like going to the computer lab. The most thing I like is the library with so many books.”

Sidnant, India


“I like playing on the playground and going to gym class. We have free time to read books. And, I like our activities.”

Caitlin, USA/Ireland


“I like my school because I have made a lot of nice friends. The teachers are nice, the classrooms are great, and everything is so well organized.”

Vincent, USA/Germany


“We learn English at ISR, so that when we go on vacation, we can speak correctly and also help our parents if they can't speak English.”

Sude, Turkey


“I think it's great that we can do so many projects at ISR. The activities are fun, and you can choose which ones you want to do. And, some of them will, in fact, remain with you for the rest of your life.”

Stella, Germany


“John Dewey said, ‘The aim of education is to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves.’ I joined ISR when it first opened in 2003. I have been growing with ISR tremendously as a person, and ISR is helping me to become a stronger, more confident and motivated student.”

Sven, Sri Lanka


“ISR has such a good learning environment because of our wonderful teachers. They are extremely supportive and always sacrifice some spare time to make sure that everyone is on the right track, even if that means explaining it a hundred times.”

Gesine, Germany

Araki Family

“Our daughter started at ISR with very little English. Because of ISR’s rigorous academic program and regular assessments via the SABIS® Educational System, she has been able to learn where her weaknesses in the language are. And, that has made her stronger.”

The Araki Family, Japan

Ahlgren Family

“When joining ISR’s Kindergarten, our boys did not speak a word of English or German. Thanks to the friendly and supportive environment at ISR, they quickly picked up both languages and now, two years later, we are amazed every day how much they are learning in school. Best of all is that we feel that they are inspired to learn more, most times with happy smiles on their faces!”

The Ahlgren Family, Sweden

Wu Family

“ISR is very international and well organized! After a year, we feel even more confident in our choice. Not only are we happy that our daughter is learning so much, but she also tells us, ‘I like my school very much, and I have a lot of fun!’”

The Wu Family, China


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