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For over a decade ISR has been established in Neuss and is known as a leading international school in the Neuss, Dusseldorf and Cologne region.

We value our relationships with our local sponsors, donors and partners who play an important and influential role in enabling us to realize our vision of becoming the best school in the region.

As a non-profit school, through generous contributions and partnerships, we can now offer even more financial scholarships to qualified students, relocation and housing support for our new families, partnerships with kindergartens, sport clubs, and music schools, as well as accept donations for school supplies and equipment.

We look forward to future opportunities to partner with businesses and organizations in our region!

Peter Soliman

Learn about some of our partnerships

ISR welcomes opportunities to partner with businesses in the region for mutual benefit. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering.

Cooperation with Kindergartens

ISR and Kindergartens in the Dusseldorf and Neuss areas are partnering together to support kindergarten children who would like to pursue a high-quality international education in English.

Kinderreich Neuss kg-logo-kinderreich-neuss
Kaarster Mäusebande kg-logo-kaarster-maeusebande
Zwergenreich Düsseldorf kg-logo-zwergenreich-duesseldorf
Glückskinder Willich kg-logo-glueckskinder-willich
Froschkönig Düsseldorf kg-logo-froschkoenig-duesseldorf
Rheinkindergarten Düsseldorf kg-logo-rheinkindergarten-duesseldorf

The Kindergarten Cooperation consists of

  • Trips for pre-school children to visit the ISR first grade classes
  • Trips for KITA children to visit the ISR Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten participation in ISR’s yearly Open House as our Cooperation Partner
  • Join informational events for interested parents

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Musicbox Oxana – Private Music Lessons

logo musicbox oxanaThrough our partnership with the renowned music school Musicbox Oxana, students may opt to take private music or singing lessons at school on nearly any instrument of their choice during or after the school day. Music lessons take place on the ISR campus.

Open Days at the Musicbox Oxana Studio ISR are a fantastic opportunity to see our facilities, meet our teaching staff, speak to other students, and get a feel for the school and the way we teach. You will be given information about the history of the school and our courses, and will have plenty of time to ask any questions you might have.

oxana pianoAll of the participants from the private music school and its ISR studio in Neuss achieved first place in the “Jugend musiziert 2015” competition. 6 piano duos won first place. Oxana Ignatenco, owner of Musicbox Oxana on Moerser Straße 25 in Meerbusch, and Simona Cesovscikova, piano teacher at the music school, are especially proud that 5 pairs in the „Klavier vierhändig/four hand piano“ and 1 pair in the „Klavier und ein Streichinstrument“ won the best possible places in the competition. 4 students were also selected to participate in the region-wide national competition.

Visit Musicbox Oxana’s website

Tonhalle Düsseldorf

logo tonhalle duesseldorfTonhalle Düsseldorf is an official partner of ISR.

On September 4th, 2015 we will celebrate the new partnership and the coming school year. Michael Becker, director of the Tonhalle Düsseldorf, will introduce the young musical professionals from the Orchestra Academy from the Düsseldorf Symphony. Together with some of our own budding students from ISR, both groups will demonstrate their skills. Please find more information. On Sept 4th learn more about the partnership...

Tonhalle Düsseldorf website

Classic Remise Düsseldorf

logo classic remiseClassic Remise Düsseldorf is an official partner of ISR.

On September 4th, 2015 we will celebrate the new partnership and the coming school year . Mika Hahn of Classic Remise, and ISR students will present a historical look back at successful automobiles. Cars like the VW Bug, Citroen DS, Dixi and Ford Mustang will be brought and displayed on the school's campus. This will be a wonderful and informative display of successful old-timers. On Sept 4th learn more about the partnership...

Classic Remise website


logo_kunst-am-platzISR cooperates with the KUNST am PLATZ Gallery & Art Studio to offer students the possibility to develop a deeper understanding of art. Owner Bettina Schulenberg offers quality art activities on campus for both lower and upper grades in the ISR art studio. Bettina’s activity “ART Workshop” has been an SLO® activity since 2012 and allows students to experiment with a variety of colours and materials plus learn about different painting techniques. Fun is guaranteed!

The KUNST am PLATZ gallery and art studio is conveniently located in the heart of Neuss, only a 5 minute drive from ISR. There, Bettina Schulenberg offers a variety of workshops and creative events. Visitors are welcome to come by for a chat and have a look at her paintings while enjoying a cup of coffee.

KUNST am PLATZ Website

Hanyuan Chinesische Schule Düsseldorf GmbH – Hanyuan Chinese School Dusseldorf

logo-hanyuanISR partners with the Hanyuan Chinese School of Dusseldorf to offer Mandarin lessons at our ISR campus. Mandarin classes for beginners and native Mandarin speakers are currently offered at ISR Monday to Wednesday in Period 9 and after school.

Visit the school’s website

Mingde Chinese School

logo-mingdeThe Mingde Chinese School was founded in Krefeld in 2001. The school is operated by the FCKN Club (Förderungsgesellschaft für Chinesische Kultur und Bildung Niederrhein e. V.).

Since its establishment, the school has grown significantly with only 10 students to a current enrolment of 80 students between the ages of 5 and 18 at varying levels. The school offers a well-planned curriculum which is divided into different units, a suitable book series with 18 volumes and an experienced team of teachers. More than 20 students have successfully completed their exams and received the HSK5 certificate, which corresponds to the C1 level of the CEFR – Common European Framework of References for Languages. This is a qualification that can be used to certify the knowledge of Chinese as a foreign language in order to gain entrance into a Chinese university.

The school operator, FCKN, supports the cultural exchange between Germany and China and contributes to the acquisition of the Chinese language and promotes cultural understanding.

Mingde School’s Website

AG Kurse UG – Children and Youth Care

logo ag-kurseThe AG Kurse UG is an after school program that offers extracurricular activities. Our staff, which comprises of Coaches, Artists and Athletes, are on hand to advise you on the best fun-filled activities for your children. As a result of our dedication to an enriching after schools program, we set out to offer our students a variety of modern, enjoyable activities.

At ISR International School on the Rhine the following extracurricular activities are on offer: Cheerleading, Hip Hop dance, Freestyle Football and Zumba.

AG Kurse website


logo dfb junior coachISR International School on the Rhine is a training centre for DFB-Junior-Coach certificate. The DFB-JUNIOR-COACH  certificate in an important pillar in the DFB qualification pyramid and serves as an entry level certification for the C-Trainer license.

Students from the age of 15 onwards, who are passionate about football, will receive a  40-hour training course at ISR in order to qualify as a DFB-junior-coach. The training is supported by the respective regional football  association. The aim is to give students training experience at a very young age, train them to teach young children how to have fun while playing football and help them learn to take responsibility for younger children. Besides sport-specific education, the training will also focus on developing the personalities of the junior coaches.

DFB-Junior-Coach website

PSV Polizeisportverein Neuss 1961 e. V. – Football/soccer club

logo psv neussAs a cooperation partner of ISR, the PSV police sports club Neuss offers various sports for ISR students. After class, ISR students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 can take part in football training on the ISR campus. In addition, PSV Neuss self-defence courses for girls and martial arts training for boys are offered at ISR. Recently, there is also the opportunity to join an athletics department led by ISR sports coordinator Jonas Jochem.

Visit the PSV website

Neusser Schwimmverein – Neuss Swim Club

logo neusser schwimmvereinISR partners with the Neuss swim club to offer swim courses at the Stadtbad Neuss public swimming pool. Currently, one beginner course is on offer. More courses are planned starting in term 3. Transport to and from the Stadtbad is arranged from school so that parents can pick their children up at ISR after the course.

Visit the Neuss Swim Club’s website

Düsseldorf Hockey Club

logo dhcThe Düsseldorf Hockey Club (DHC) has been the right address for hockey and sport enthusiasts in Düsseldorf for over 110 years. With around 1,700 members the DHC is considered to be one of the most firmly established and successful sport club in NRW’s capital. It is by far the biggest hockey club in the region and furthermore with over 650 youth members is one of the strongest youth clubs nationwide. The DHC is located directly next to the large office complex on Seestern. The entire club facilities were renovated between 2012–2014. DHC currently has two artificial turf hockey fields, six tennis courts, an indoor hockey and tennis center.

Hockey is an extraordinarily attractive sport because of its athleticism, tactic, and captivating plays. The awareness about the hockey club as well as its membership numbers have been on the rise primarily due to the success of the German team at the world championship games and Olympics over the past few years.

There are currently 40 hockey teams who play for the DHC, 25 of those being youth teams. The 1st division woman’s team plays in the first national league in field and floor hockey, the 1st division men’s team is in the second national league in floor hockey and in the first national league in field hockey. The women’s floor hockey team won the German Championship in 2015, placed second in 2016 after losing by a thin margin at penalty shooting, and are presently one of the top German teams.

DHC’s biggest international success was winning the floor hockey European Cup in February 2016 in Minsk. Lisa Marie Schütze, Selin Oruz, and Annika Sprink are the current national players and participants for the next Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Oliver Korn won the Olympics twice (2008 and 2012) for the DHC. The men’s team greatest successes were getting “Deutscher Vizemeistertitel” (second place in Germany) in floor hockey in 2007 and 2008. Many junior national players and A-team national players are amongst the high performers of the women and men teams.

DHC places a lot of importance in nurturing the high-performance players not only at the athletic level, but also at the educational and career level. Hence the DHC Fellows Program was founded in 2009 to support the members of the national team. This program provides the players with mentors who ensure that the players don’t lose sight of their career goals in spite of their enthusiasm for hockey.

The junior players of the club have won a total of 18 German championship titles. This makes DHC one of the most successful clubs in Germany. Just in 2013 and 2014 alone, the club won three championships and placed second in three German finals. The DHC hopes to take home more German championship titles again this year. Several young players are or were national or West German players. Additionally, DHC is the official state hockey center.

DHC not only values competitive sport, but also believes that sport as a leisure activity is important. There are currently 14 teams that fall under this category, four of them named as “Parent Hockey” teams. These teams allow the DHC to successfully help parents and other adults interested in hockey to combine their love for hockey and their professional life. Many parent teams actively integrate parents and youths into the club, thus positively impacting their participation.  This aspect literally makes hockey a game for the whole family. The parents pass down their passion for hockey to their children and as soon as the children discover this sport for themselves, they normally get their mother and father back into the sport through the parent hockey teams.

Even tennis has been offered at the DHC since 1938 and is played on six clay courts. In addition to the men and women teams, there are approximately 13 senior and junior teams registered. Tennis training is available year-round by multiple full-time tennis coaches (during the winter season: training is held in the club-owned indoor court).

Düsseldorf Hockey Club Website

HTC Schwarz-Weiß Neuss

logo htcNeusser „Tradition“

The HTC Schwarz-Weiss Neuss is a deeply traditional tennis and hockey club founded in 1928. The club is based in Neuss’ Jahnstadion and has about 1,000 active members. Our hockey department has a long tradition in the Bundesliga. Tennis is also offered at the club since its establishment and is often played with much passion across all the generations.

Our facilities include:

  • Two artificial turf pitches with floodlights
  • 10 outdoor tennis courts
  • 2 separate indoor tennis courts
  • A year-round clubhouse with inviting sun terrace and Italian flair
  • 2 boules courts
  • Large lawns
  • A children’s playground

The club grounds are lovingly maintained, almost completely fenced and spacious enough for children to run around and enjoy. The newly renovated clubhouse, which has an Italian flair, has a large outdoor terrace that is so inviting, you could spend hours there.

Hockey is at the centre of the clubs function as it encourages team spirit, discipline and helps develop essential sporting-techniques. More than half of our 1,000 members actively play hockey, which means we have 5 adult teams and 12 youth teams. HTC currently offers courses for all performance classes. Children interested in hockey can playfully learn the basics of it beginning at 3 years old. Team spirit and social interaction are just as important as achieving great sporting results. Two full-time coaches, supported by a large number of co-trainers, take care of the children.

From the age of 10, children can go for try outs at the “Westdeutscher Hockeyverband” (West German Hockey Association) and – if they succeed in the try-outs process – they can play for the “West German” team against the other associations in Germany.

The men’s team has for years participated in the national league (Bundesliga) games, even competing at the highest levels. The women’s team was a member of the national league (Bundesliga) for years, too, and is on a good path to competing in the upper leagues again.

Despite all the sporting ambition we have, it is important to us as HTC for our members to have fun and enjoy the game. Our mission is to leave space for personal development for each one of our members. We promote and offer a diverse array of training programs for our hockey and tennis talents. However, we do not forget that we have many recreational athletes who just want to have fun in the game.

We want to offer both recreational athletes and tournament athletes a home at our club. The tennis department has teams of all ages who can successfully compete in their leagues. The hockey department has produced many national and regional players in the past. In addition, the HTC Club is the official Olympic base and State Training Centre. In both of these disciplines, we attach great importance to the youth training, which is led by professional trainers.

HTC Schwarz-Weiß Neuss website

Unsui-Dojo Neuss

logo unsui dojoThe Unsui-Dojo, which belongs to the sport club “Turngemeinde Neuss von 1848 e. V.”, has been offering karate classes at ISR for over seven years. The lessons are taught by qualified and licensed trainers. The enthusiasm and interest as well as the number of participating students have always been extremely high.

Students learn techniques to strengthen their self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-assertion. Not to mention that endurance, coordination, and concentration are also improved. All of these aspects are combined in a fun way during training.

We look forward to continuing our exceptional collaboration with ISR and their students.

Unsui-Dojo Website

DEG Eishockey GmbH – Dusseldorf Professional Ice Hockey Team

deg-logoWe are an official partner of the DEG Düsseldorf professional ice-hockey team. Our students and staff are invited to home games to cheer on the players and DEG players’ children feel happy attending school at ISR.

Visit the DEG website

Theodor Fliedner Boarding House

logo theodor fliedner internatA place to live and learn.

The Theodor Fliedner Boarding House in Düsseldorf is one of only a few boarding houses located in a major city in Germany. ISR students have the opportunity to book this residency when a boarding room is needed, for example, when coming over to Germany for summer school or even for the normal school year. This area is very attractive to live and learn, because not only is it located directly on the Rhine but also has a great connection to the inner-city transportation system. The Theodor-Fliedner-Boarding House offers its intercultural services in a comfortable atmosphere to 65 students from different nationalities. The students visit a variety of schools in Düsseldorf and its surrounding areas, because the boarding house is not affiliated with only one school. Excellent individual support, recreational activities, room, and catering is offered year-round.

theodor fliedner internat 01theodor fliedner internat 02theodor fliedner internat 03

The Theodor Fliedner Boarding House – customized educational solutions.

Visit the Theodor Fliedner Boarding House website

Expat Service Desk

logo expat service deskSince January 2017 the Expat Service Desk is offering regular consultations and events concerning living and working in the region. The Expat Service Desk is the first contact point for international professionals and executives with their families as well as for small and medium-sized companies.

Project partners of the Expat Service Desk are the Offices of Economic Development of Düsseldorf and the Mettmann County as well as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Düsseldorf (IHK).

The Expat Service Desk works together with local authorities, agencies and departments, foreign representatives like consulates and offices of economic development, international organizations and associations, schools and universities.

As a platform for all expat-related activities the Expat Service Desk offers support and advice in the first stage of orientation and integration. The service scope includes topics like foreign-law procedures (work and residence permit), German formalities, authorities, insurance, finance, housing, professional qualification and further education, childcare and the school system, (international) associations, networks and institutions as well as leisure activities in the region.

The consultations are free of charge. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the land of NRW.

Expat Service Desk website

Peter Busch Real Estate (Peter Busch Immobilien GmbH)

peter busch logoPeter Busch Real Estate (Peter Busch Immobilien GmbH) has been active in the Neuss Real Estate market since 1910. Our long history of doing business in the region and 30€ million per year of real estate volume reflects our market expertise. We have 13 employees divided into two departments of Sales and Rentals.

We have an extensive network, including other businesses, property owners and other real estate agencies. Being a member of the Neuss/Dusseldorf real estate market means bringing owners, buyers and renters together as quickly as possible and leads to regular businesses exchanges.

Best Places to Live in Neuss

The city of Neuss is one of the oldest cities in Germany, with approximately 150,000 inhabitants and the biggest city in the Neuss region, with approximately 450,000 inhabitants. Neuss is considered the “green belt” between Dusseldorf and Cologne. The steadily rising real estate prices in the Neuss area represent the positive economy in the area. More and more businesses are moving to the area because of the positive economic prognosis and good infrastructure.

The most popular areas to live in are the Neuss city center, the Stadion-/Lukasviertel, the Bolssiedlung and Selikum.  Other parts of the city with mostly single family homes include Reuschenberg and Gnadental. Büttgen, a part of the city of Kaarst, is also interesting because it offers a convenient S-bahn/train connection, making the cities of Neuss, Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach easily accessible within minutes. The driving time from all of the above-mentioned locations to ISR International School on the Rhine is only 10 minutes. Peter Busch Real Estate offers high-quality and exclusive properties for sale and for rent in all of these areas.

Special offer for ISR Families

  • Personal showings of all new listings
  • Individual consultation about the offered listings, including information about the surrounding area
  • Complimentary assessment of real estate offerings that are not listed by Peter Busch Real Estate
  • Recommendations for the management of services such as, moving, renovation work, installation of kitchens, etc.


Sebastian Otten
Neustraße 23
41460 Neuss

Tel.: +49 (0) 2131 1399-43
Mobile: +49 (0) 152 34109144
Fax: +49 (0) 2131 1399-55
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit the Peter Busch website


Galonska Real Estate (Immobilien), Meerbusch

logo galonska immobilienReal Estate in Meerbusch and its vicinity.


Andreas Galonska
Immobilienmakler Meerbusch
Moerser Strasse 44
40667 Meerbusch
Tel.: +49 2132 685 96 97
Fax: +49 2132 685 96 98

Mobil: +49 172 25 20 20 5
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit Galonska Immobilien website – die lounge, Düsseldorf

logo urlaubsexperte“ – die lounge” is an award winning travel agency in Düsseldorf and official travel partner of ISR. This owner-run company has organized many international flights for our ISR teachers and their families, as well as all of our educational and business trips. Additionally, they would like to offer their many years of experience to competently consult ISR families about their next vacation. An English speaking service is also available!

Booking is possible over the internet, with well-trained and experienced staff over their telephone hotline, or in their travel agency office in Düsseldorf (hotline +49 (0)211 88249616). To deliver the best inspiration for their customer’s next vacation, their office is divided into unique rooms which present the main themes of land and sea. They even provide professional childcare and have a playground for children, so that the parents can enjoy planning the next family trip undisturbed.


RheinLand Insurance Group, Neuss

logo rheinland versicherungThe RheinLand Insurance Group (RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe) was founded in Neuss in 1880. With 800 employees, this local company is one of the biggest employers and apprentice trainers in the region. The national insurance company, which operates also internationally in the Bancassurance segment, is divided into three sub-corporations as per business areas, products and brands.

The company is committed to supporting local culture and sport – for instance by sponsoring the internationally renowned Shakespeare Festival in the Globe Theater in Neuss. The association ‘Partner for Sport and Education (PSB)’ was initiated and is actively supported by the RheinLand group and serves as a valuable link for cooperation between educational, business and sport institutions. The company headquarters are situated in the vicinity of the Neuss Central station and the city and is around 10 minutes away from ISR.

RheinLand Insurance Group website


logo sabis greenISR is a licensed member of the SABIS® Network, which has over 128 years’ experience operating and managing more than 70 schools around the world. The SABIS® curriculum is a clearly, structured curriculum that ensures a systematic and excellent education over the course of 12 years.

The International Baccalaureate program (IB) for the upper class students can be converted into the German Allgemeine Hochschulreife. The proven SABIS® curriculum for all subjects is regularly updated to the highest current educational standards. For more information about the SABIS® philosophy, please see this page.

German lessons are not part of the SABIS® curriculum, but rather are aligned with the core curriculum for German elementary schools and gymnasiums in North Rhine-Westphalia. The ISR German program is accredited by the ministry of culture of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Visit the SABIS® website
Download the SABIS® brochure (PDF)

Our other partners include

Peter Soliman

Owner of ISR

Peter Soliman

Peter Soliman

Owner of ISR

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