Calendar of Memories

August 2021: ISR Students for Charity

Social engagement is an important topic for our students at ISR and is also firmly anchored in the curriculum through the CAS lessons. CAS lessons promote social awareness among our students by supporting and initiating various social projects. An example of this is that of our Upper School student Daniel, who sold his artwork for a good cause starting in August 2021. The handover of the proceeds took place at the … in Düsseldorf. Together with his CAS teacher, Mr. Urban, Daniel handed over a check for 1,770 euros to the Managing Director, Ms. Eschweiler.

Which association did Daniel support?

The deadline for submission is over.

Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Regenbogenland

The Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Regenbogenland cares for numerous families with children who have a shortened life expectancy and actively supports these families in their everyday lives and above all tries to relieve them of subsequent stress. Families can visit the Regenbogenland for stays several times a year and use it as a retreat or vacation stay.

We as an educational institution are very proud of Daniel’s decision to support the Regenbogenland. Well done Daniel!