Calendar of Memories

September 2020: Mammoth Run (Mammutmarsch)

The Mammoth Run (Mammutmarsch) is an annual charity event in Wuppertal. For many years now, runners participate by running through the cities of Wuppertal, Wülfrath, Velbert, Heiligenhaus, Essen, Hattingen and Sprockhövel.

One of our ISR students Philipp had an intense few months of preparing for the run. Through his efforts, Philipp was able to raise several hundred euros for a good cause which benefited our partner the Tandem Foundation of Gut Zülow.

How much money was raised by Phillipp by participating in the Mammoth Run?

a) 450 €
b) 350 €
c) 280 €

The deadline for submission is over.

b) 350 €

The Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow has been successfully committed to working with athletes with disabilities for many years. Burkhard Zülow, the founder of the foundation, considered it especially important to counteract stigma in connection with disabilities, and promotes the idea that everyone has unique strengths.