Children's Birthday Parties

General information:

  • Birthday parties for children between 4 – 5 years
  • Bookable on Saturdays from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Max. group size of 10 children
  • Use of room including an outdoor area

*One Parent or Guardian of the Birthday child must be present during the event.


Costs are incurred for booking cooperation partners for an individual birthday party as well as costs for catering and cleaning service.

Our cooperation partners offer:

Your children:

  • are allowed to actively make music and play with various child-friendly musical instruments
  • move to different rhythms
  • sing and dance together
  • dress up in costumes according to the theme chosen by your child
  • learn to draw and make notes and musical clefs
  • listen to a music story together – e.g. ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by S. Prokofiev
  • study a new song together
  • Duration: 90 min.
  • Costs: 230 Euro


Hello – my name is Madona Tkabladze. I am from Georgia, I am 29 years young, and I work as a music and singing teacher at Musicbox Oxana. Since 2015 I have been living and studying in Germany and making music in my free time. My studies at the Anton Rubinstein Academy in Düsseldorf are Music and Dementia and Music Production/Sound Engineering. Furthermore, I study singing and musicology, related to early music education. I have also sung opera in a project at the ‘Akademia’ (Academy of Arts) in Düsseldorf. I have already done many tours as a singer with a band in my home country Georgia and also in Turkey. At Musicbox Oxana I work as a singing teacher for all ages and as a music teacher for the early musical education of Kindergarten children. Music, art, dancing, and singing are my passion and happiness. I feel great joy in passing on my love for this art to others.

The package includes:

  • Welcome gift
  • A customized art project for the day
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Art materials
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Costs: 250 Euro


My name is Anna Wang and I began my career by working on design and children projects in 2011. I post-graduated from KISD, Germany, and am certified in pedagogy and educational psychology in China. I am currently involved in children’s art activities for understanding western and eastern culture, as well as improving their aesthetics and appreciation of international art and multiculturalism.

The seeds of ANANA’S For Children were planted when I started working with children from different countries doing painting class in 2011. We believe “interest is the best teacher”, and redesigned the lectures to bring out the passion and fun of learning art for children. It dramatically increased children’s engagement.

Package 1:

  • 2-hour magic show
    (with magic, giant bubbles, balloon modeling, and funny clowning)
  • Costs: 230 Euro

Package 2:

  • 1-hour magic show
    (with magic, giant soap bubbles, balloon modeling, and funny clowning)
  • Costs: 150 Euro

Package 3:

  • 1-hour children’s face painting
  • Cost 130 Euro

Package 4 (for children from 5 years):

  • 1-hour magic program with a workshop in which the children learn 4 – 5 magic tricks
  • Cost 180 Euro

Der Ballonshop im Raum Kaarst/ Neuss/ Düsseldorf

Party package Basic includes:

  • 6 foil balloons 45 cm (plain and motif balloons mixed) tied as 2 grapes incl. helium and two weights to attach/place on the table or floor.
  • Paper tablecloth
  • Napkins
  • Paper cups & paper plates (packed in sets of 6 or 8 depending on the motif)
  • streamers
  • Costs: 39 Euro


Party Package Large includes:

  • Party Package Basic
  • plus 1 large motif or shape balloon approx. 86 cm incl. helium
  • party hats
  • Confetti cannon
  • 12 loose balloons (to fill with air) in matching colors
  • Costs: 55 Euro

Themes to choose for the decoration are:

  • Pirate
  • Dinosaur
  • Space
  • Football
  • Superheroes (Batman/Spiderman/Justice League)
  • Paw Patrol
  • Unicorn
  • Rainbow/Soft Colours
  • Frozen
  • Mermaid
  • Peppa Pig
  • BohoGirl
  • Uni pink/purple or Uni blue/green

The birthday party will only take place if the COVID-19 regulations will allow it at the time of the event.

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