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Enabling Great Minds
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ISR, an international school serving the Düsseldorf region and Powered by SABIS®, is academically-driven without being highly selective. The aim of ISR is to bring the full potential out of every individual student.


Placement into a grade at ISR is determined by establishing a student’s academic attainment, with age acting as a limiting factor. What has already been learned by the student is measured via knowledge check for students in grades 3–12. There are no academic requirements for acceptance into kindergarten, although students for Kindergarten 1 must turn three by June 30th to start in August at the earliest. Furthermore, they must be able to speak and follow simple instructions, as well as be toilet-trained. Children in grades 1–2 meet with the primary school coordinator and complete worksheets together regardless of the language skills.

Admissions Process

The admission process is intended to be personal and informative for all prospective families. Below is a schedule of admissions steps and the general order in which they may occur.

Admissions Steps

1. Applicant’s Questionnaire

To initiate the admissions process, ISR must receive a pdfcompleted Applicant’s Questionnaire. There is no application deadline, but it is recommended that the admissions process be initiated in late winter or early spring for the next school year. Applications are accepted on a space-available basis throughout the school year.

Should a family want its child to start in spring of the currently-running academic year, ISR does not permit students to start later than April 30. ISR feels that it is academically too late in the year and puts undue stress on the student to be ready for final exams in late June.

2. Campus Tour

Interested families are encouraged to visit ISR for a tour of the campus and meet with our Admissions staff to discuss the curriculum and get to know the ISR community. Appointments may be made by contacting us via E-mail or phone:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Ms. Dagmar Rubino: +49 (0)2131 40388-11
  • Ms. Isabel Reimann: +49 (0)2131 40388-15

3. School Records

ISR International School on the Rhine requests that parents/guardians of all applicants provide the release of current school records including transcripts, test results from the previous two years, if applicable, and any psychological/neurological evaluations.

These forms should be turned in to our registrar upon initiation of the admissions process in support of the application. A final admissions decision cannot be made without this information.

4. Knowledge Check

All candidates for grades 3–12 must sit knowledge checks as part of the admissions process. For each grade, there is a range of birthdates, and students are tested according to applicable age and completed grade level/subjects. For prospective students in grades 1 and 2, however, the primary school coordinator administers assessments in understanding and motor skills and has a short interview with the student.

Students testing for grades 3–12 sit tests in the core subjects of English, mathematics, and German, if applicable. Candidates testing for grades 10–11 must also sit at least one social science and one general science test, plus a third language, if applicable.

Students applying to grade 8 and above are interviewed by the school director and/or academic coordinator.

Upon completion, the knowledge checks are marked and the results help to determine if the students have attained the minimum expected standard for each subject. The final placement decision is made by the school, and the family is informed, in writing, of the placement. As part of the enrolment process, parents need to accept the offer of placement, sign it, and return it to the registrar's office.

The total length of time needed to complete knowledge checking varies from ca. 30 minutes for students in grades 1 and 2 to three hours for those students in grades 3–9. Students entering grades 10–12 are usually tested over one to two days due to the increased amount of material to be tested.

Appointments for knowledge checking can be made via the registrar’s office via E-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at +49 (0)2131 403 88-162.

5. Enrolment Contract

After you have completed the previous steps and have decided to enrol your child at ISR, please contact admissions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the complete enrolment contract.

6. Admissions Decision

Admissions decisions are made after evaluation of each individual and ISR’s program of study on offer, particularly for secondary school candidates. From grade 9, students accumulate credits for their secondary school diplomas and have limited supplemental hours in their timetables for academic support. Additional criteria for admission include motivation, social and emotional development, willingness to work hard, and the ability of ISR International School on the Rhine to accommodate the needs of the candidate.