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Course Selections & Additional Qualifications for Grades 9–12


Paths to University Meetings

Upper School is the time to start focusing on your individualized Path to University. Each year on your Path to University you choose courses of interest that will be necessary for graduation and your specific university and career direction.

Our Paths to University meetings for grades 8–12 take place each year with students, parents and teachers. We introduce you to your course choices and guide you on the important decisions to be made at each grade level. In addition, you will learn about the optional additional qualifications, such as preparatory exams, certificates and diplomas, students may need when applying to universities worldwide.

These meetings are announced one year ahead in our ISR school event calendar, as well as in our weekly update newsletter online.

In addition to your course selections and additional qualifications, further aspects will be important to consider during your Upper School years and Path to University:

Career and University Counseling

You may say, “But I don’t know yet what career I am considering or which university courses I wish to study!”  We offer career and university counseling to you in our University and Career Counseling Office beginning in grade 8. We talk with you about your career dreams and your own strengths in making a career selection, as well as offer personality and career assessments.

Grades Count for University Applications

In grades 9–12 your grades at the end of each year are recorded on your ISR school transcript for use in your university applications. These grades show your academic strengths to universities so that they may evaluate your suitability for courses for which you are applying

Involvement and Leadership

Getting involved in school activities and projects, Prefect work, sports, charity work, school events, internships and CAS (creativity, activity, service) projects in the IB years, will also help you develop your non-academic interests and leadership potential. It is important to your future to further develop your skills, strengths and passions in Upper School.