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ISR Teachers: Inspiring Our Students to Reach Their Full Potential

“One does not measure success merely by the number of medals or certificates one acquires. Rather success is measured by the individual triumphs experienced each day by our students in any given subject when they master a concept or learn a new skill. When a child grasps a concept in math, in science or in language or demonstrates the acquisition of a new skill in music, in art or in sport, we are achieving our goals as educators—aiding our students to reach their full potential.

When a student overcomes personal difficulties and experiences success, our own sense of purpose and mission is reinforced.

Ms. Lyons, ISR School Director

The best way to explain how dedicated and inspiring ISR teachers are making a difference, is through the eyes of the students. Read about students who were inspired and supported by our teachers to overcome obstacles and reach their potential.

Student Success Stories

Phil Metcalf, head of the Quality Assurance Review team at AdvancEd, who is responsible for reviewing the quality of 37,000 public and private schools in 75 countries worldwide, commented in March 2012 that, “ISR teachers are well regarded and highly respected.”