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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Welcome to ISR’s Primary School!

The ISR primary school is an exciting time for our students. Our first graders are proud to finally be in primary school and are warmly welcomed at the traditional German “Erster Schultag” ceremony on the first day of school. Our older students in primary enjoy returning every school year to their friends and teachers and enjoy making new friends while adjusting to the expectations and rhythm of school life.

Our primary school curriculum emphasizes both academic development to enable great minds, as well as social, physical, and ethical growth to build strong characters. During these early years, children become more aware of themselves and the world around them, especially in relation to the bilingual/multilingual school environment in which they learn. They develop positive attitudes toward learning and a strong foundation for high academic achievement.

ISR prides itself on maintaining a positive school environment which makes it easy and fun for students to learn and grow. Our highly-qualified staff of dedicated teachers generates excitement and curiosity for learning. Students in primary school thrive in an atmosphere of high expectations, school involvement and on-going emotional and academic support.

The primary school curriculum provides our diverse student body with a rich opportunity to appreciate commonalities while celebrating differences, such as at our annual International Day event.

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Ms. Lyons

School Director / Head of Primary

Ms. Lyons

Ms. Lyons

School Director / Head of Primary

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