We Enable Great Minds
and Strong Characters

About ISR’s Primary School

Transitioning to Primary School

Kindergarteners Entering First Grade

Kindergarteners entering the first grade will be warmly welcomed on the first day of school at the traditional German “Erster Schultag” ceremony. Parents, grandparents and students gather on the morning of the first day of school to congratulate their children and wish them good luck. Second grade students proudly present each new first grader with a traditional and often hand-made cone-shaped “Schultute” filled with sweets, school supplies and other surprises. This ceremony on the first day of school gets the first graders off to a great start as they meet their teachers and are led to their new classrooms.

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New Children Entering Primary School

When new children enter the primary grades, which can be any time of the year in an international school, they are welcomed into our ISR Community by an ambassador and a homeroom buddy who shows them around and will translate, if necessary. They will be placed in the right language level for English and German, based on their knowledge check results.

Adjustment Support

Most children adjust quickly in the friendly and positive environment that ISR provides. The Academic Head of Primary School is on hand to assist and monitor our new students. For those children who might need a bit extra support, students and parents are invited to contact the Head of Primary who works individually with each child and family to develop creative and effective solutions to help children adjust at their own pace and feel at home at ISR.

Positive Learning Environment

Our students adjust easily because we create a warm, friendly and helpful environment. A positive learning environment helps engage each student and makes learning fun!

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At ISR, teachers and staff use creative ways to acknowledge and reward good grades, responsible behavior and achievement that lay the foundation for us to realize our vision of “Enabling great minds and strong characters.”


Homework is an essential part of the ISR academic program. In Grades 1–3 students are only assigned oral homework such as reading. Written homework starts in Grade 4, term 1.

In Grade 4 students receive a “homework diary” in which they record the classwork and homework assignments at the beginning of every lesson.

Keeping accurate records in the diaries is important as students can refer to them when studying. Notes and comments are also written in the homework diary.

A daily check of the diary by parents is encouraged.


In Grades 1–4 students take CATs (Continual Assessment Tests) in their own classrooms, plus term and final exams. From Grade 5, the CATs are replaced by periodic exams.

Academic Support

A unique benefit that ISR offers its students is automatic academic support for those students who need extra tutoring in certain subjects. These academic support groups are a positive experience for all students who attend.

Communication with Parents

In Primary School, teachers and parents communicate in a variety of ways.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued three times a year at the end of each term. The report card includes the student’s numerical marks for each subject, attendance and behavior records, as well as an account of the student’s involvement in the SABIS Student Life Organization®. A report card is not a “Zeugnis” and should not be shared with third parties as it is not an official school document. The report card contains confidential student information such as absences and possible infractions. The official ISR “Zeugnis” is the ISR school transcript which is prepared for students upon request. In addition, the student progress overview report is available on SABIS® Digital Platform.

Student Life Activities

The SABIS Student Life Organization® gives students the opportunity to assume real life responsibilities. This is accomplished as the students learn how to organize and manage all aspects of their student society. In Kindergarten up to 4th grade, students choose SLO® activities on a voluntary basis. Students also earn positive points for their classroom jobs.

Preparation for 5th Grade

As primary school students move into Grade 5, they will need to be aware of a few minor changes, which will be explained by their teachers.

Student Achievements

At ISR, achievement is valued and acknowledged in many ways. In these ways, students, parents and teachers can all be proud of what we achieve together as a school and community!

  • Award Ceremonies
  • AR (Accelerated Reader) and Antolin (German) Reading Program awards
  • Honor Roll
  • Sport Competitions
  • Art Exhibits
  • Music Concerts


ISR holds many fun events during the year, such as the Halloween party, St. Martin, winter and summer music concerts, Family Fun Day, Open House, International Day, Spirit Days and much more. See our School Calendar for more information. 

Ms. Morris

Head of Primary & Academic Coordinator Grade 1-2

Ms. Morris

Ms. Morris

Head of Primary & Academic Coordinator Grade 1-2

Ms. Ghica

Academic Coordinator Grade 3-4

Ms. Ghica

Ms. Ghica

Academic Coordinator Grade 3-4