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Welcome to Grades 5–8 – Middle School

As Academic Coordinators, our role is very much focused on making sure that the education here is as enriching and as rewarding as possible. Grades 5–8 are an incredibly important time for our students as they are engaged in a very complex multi-layered experience and as young learners they have quite different needs from both Primary School and Upper School students. In other words we must take into account that the Middle School years are quite distinct from what precedes them and what comes after them.

Of course there are constants, but on a socio-emotional and cognitive level Middle Schoolers are confronting issues that mould them and will serve to begin to define their future place in society. For this reason it is so important that we get it right!

As current or potential members of the ISR community you can rest assured that all the students in Grades 5–8 are being extremely well looked after. Here at ISR we have a highly skilled team of professional educators who provide an excellent Middle School experience that responds to all the needs sketched out above. The formal curriculum is both challenging and rewarding and is accompanied by a carefully curated series of co-curricular activities to meet all physical, creative and intellectual needs.

Perhaps more than anything else, Middle School is a time to be enjoyed and this most certainly happens at ISR and is evidenced by the constant excitement and enthusiasm shown by our students on a day-to-day basis.

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