About Middle School

Positive Learning Environment

New students at ISR adjust easily because we create a warm, friendly and helpful environment. A positive learning environment helps engage each student and makes learning fun!

At ISR, teachers and staff use creative ways to acknowledge and reward good grades, responsible behavior and achievement that lay the foundation for us to realize our vision of “Enabling great minds and strong characters.”


Homework is given daily. No homework is allowed to be due on the day of a periodic exam as it is intended that students will be using the day before periodic exams to study for those subjects. Homework can oftentimes be finished in class or in a study period. Homework should be written daily in the homework journal with the due date noted and then checked off when completed.


Academic Support

A unique benefit that ISR offers its students is automatic academic support for those students who might at need extra tutoring in certain subjects. These academic support groups aim to be a positive experience for all students who attend.

Communication with Parents

Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year. However, parents may make an appointment to speak with any teacher at any time by contacting the Academic Coordinators.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued three times a year at the end of each term. The report card includes the student’s numerical marks for each subject, attendance and behavior records, as well as an account of the student’s involvement in the SABIS Student Life Organization®. A report card is not a “Zeugnis” and should not be shared with third parties as it is not an official school document. The report card contains confidential student information such as absences and possible infractions. The official ISR “Zeugnis” is the ISR school transcript which is prepared for students upon request. In addition, the student progress overview report is available on SABIS® Digital Platform.

Student Life (SLO®) Activities

From Grade 5 onwards the SLO® activities are no longer on a voluntary basis, but rather part of the student’s daily schedule.

For Grades 5 and 6 the activities take place in period 9, the last period of the day, and for grades 7–9 in period 6. Students may apply for the position of SLO® Junior Prefect (grade 5 and above), SLO® Senior Prefect (Grade 7 and above) and SLO® Deputy Head Prefect and SLO® Head Prefect (Grade 9 and above).

All students have the opportunity and are encouraged to become an SLO® Prefect.

Their involvement in the SLO® activities prepares the students well for CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service projects) which is part of the IB Diploma Program in Grades 11 and 12.

Transitioning to Upper School

At ISR, the Path to University starts in Grade 8 with a kick-off advising session during which students reflect on their interests, their skills and their goals and how their profile might translate into a career path. Grade 8 is also the beginning of regular Path-to-University presentations that are offered for students and parents through Grade 11.

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Student Achievements

At ISR, achievement is valued and acknowledged in many ways. In these ways, students, parents and teachers can all be proud of what we achieve together as a school and community!

  • Award Ceremonies
  • AR (Accelerated Reader) and Antolin (German) Reading Program awards
  • Honor Roll
  • Sport Competitions
  • Art Exhibits
  • Music Concerts


ISR holds many fun events during the year, such as the Halloween party, St. Martin, winter and summer music concerts, Family Fun & Sports Day, Open House, International Spring Festival, Spirit Days and much more.

Ms. Brand

Academic Coordinator, Grades 5–6

Ms. Brand

Ms. Brand

Academic Coordinator, Grades 5–6

Mr. Kheir

Academic Coordinator, Grades 7–8

Mr. Kheir

Mr. Kheir

Academic Coordinator, Grades 7–8