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Creating a Safe and Positive Learning Environment

Many students, parents and teachers alike appreciate the friendly, positive, safe and supportive environment at ISR. ISR teachers ensure a nurturing, positive and caring classroom within a bilingual/multilingual school environment where our culturally diverse student body feels motivated to learn and grow.

Students are encouraged to be engaged in their responsibilities as students and members of the ISR Community. To help the school and its students excel and enjoy being with each other, all members must take responsibility for their actions.

ISR positively reinforces and rewards behaviors that lead to academic success and character building. These are just a few ways we promote a positive learning environment that helps engage each student and makes learning fun!


All students are encouraged to follow the “Principles we live by at ISR” throughout the school day.

  • Always try
  • Do your best
  • Manage yourself
  • Treat others with respect
  • Cooperate and actively help others
  • Respect the property and rights of others