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German Program


German Core Curriculum Highlights

  • Course curriculum follows the NRW Gymnasium core curriculum
  • Accreditation from Kulturministerium NRW
  • Interdisciplinary approach incorporating (German) history, social studies, art, music, sciences, TOK and other disciplines
  • IGCSE: German First Language or German Foreign Language possible
  • Gymnasium level textbooks
    • Deutschbuch (neue Ausgabe) / Cornelsen (German regular 5–10)
    • Deutschbuch (neue Grundausgabe) / Cornelsen (German Transitional 5–10)
    • Deutsch.kompetent / Klett (11/12 Language A German Language and Literature)
    • Texte, Themen und Strukturen / Cornelsen (11/12 Language A German Literature)
    • Deutsch im Einsatz / Advance Materials (11/12 Language B German)
    • Das neue Deutschmobil 1–3 / Klett (5/6 German foreign)
    • Ideen 1–3 / Hueber (7/8 German foreign)
    • 1–3 / Hueber (9/10 German foreign)
    • AusBlick 1–3 / Hueber (5–10 German foreign 4)

ISR requires the study of German either as a mother-tongue or as a foreign language for all its students from kindergarten to grade 12.

German as a First Language

The mother-tongue language program follows the state curriculum of North Rhine-Westphalia (“Kernkurrikulum NRW”) and integrates the study of classical German literature starting in grade 7 and continuing through grade 12.

German as a Foreign Language

The German as a foreign language program is for students whose mother tongue is not German. ISR offers four levels of competence per grade.

A student who does not have any knowledge of the German language starts with the so called German Foreign 1 course. The courses are paced so that a student requires one school year per level of competence.  
The first three levels are dedicated to language acquisition. The Foreign 4 level has a pragmatic approach.

German Classes by Level of Proficiency