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Additional Languages

In addition to learning English and German, a third language is compulsory from grades 6–9. Our students have a choice of four additional languages, French, Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin, starting in grade 6. This choice is supported by a demonstration lesson, which provides students with a general idea of the sounds and basic structures of the language.

In grade 10 students may drop this third language subject, once they have considered the courses they will be taking in the two following years.

The language curriculum focuses on oral and written communication, as well as in the cultural aspects of the target language. The courses provide students with a strong foundation and a smooth transition into the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in grades 11 and 12, for students who choose to study modern languages in the IB.

In grade 11 students may choose from two to three different language courses, which will be taken and completed during the duration of the program. Admission to these subjects is based on the student’s career choice and their performance in grade 10.


In French, from Grade 9 to 12, the students can prepare for the different levels of the “DELF scolaire” diploma (from A1 to B2). ISR is an official exam centre for the written part of the DELF exam (reading comprehension, writing, and listening) under the authority of the French Institute of Düsseldorf. The oral part is taken at a school in Düsseldorf.

The DELF (Diploma of Studies in French Language) Diploma is an official certificate offered by the French Ministry of National Education with a life-long validity, applicable world-wide. In Germany, more than 48 000 school students have prepared the DELF scolaire exam in 2016.


In grade 10 we offer the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). We are authorised centres for this examination which enables the students to be assessed by their own teachers (for instance- ISR teachers examine the oral component and send the answer sheets for the written and audio components to the Instituto Cervantes in Bremen).

The Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) is an official qualification that recognises candidates' competence and command of the Spanish language. It is issued by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. It is an essential certification for anyone wishing to study or work in a Spanish speaking environment.


ISR offers Japanese lessons once a week for grade 1 to 5 students, who are native Japanese speakers as a part of their SLO® Activities. The students do not sit any exams during these lessons.

ISR offers Japanese lessons three times a week for grade 6 to 9 students, who are native Japanese speakers. These lessons are taught as a third language and comprise of text comprehension, writing, as well as Japanese presentations. The students have to absolve a weekly test and a final exam.

Grade 10 students have the opportunity to attend Japanese language classes three times a week if they’re native speakers. The curriculum, containing mainly essays and presentations, prepares the students for their IB diploma.

Grade 11 and 12 students will be intensively prepared for their IB Diploma exams. In this age group an extended essay is required to pass the IB Diploma.


Through our partnership with the Hanyuan Chinese School, we offer Mandarin lessons on the ISR campus for native and non-native speakers.

Russian language SLO® activity

As a part of our SLO® activities ISR offers Russian language classes for natives. In cooperation with the SPRACHINVEST language school Düsseldorf we offer the Russian classes twice per week:

  • Native language Russian class for 1st–5th grade students: Mondays 3:15 pm–4 pm (period 9)
  • Native language Russian class for 6th–10th grade students: Thursdays 3:15 pm–4 pm (period 9)

The goal of it is to enable the students to use the language fluently in the spoken and the written way – according to their age and their knowledge of the language. The classes should lead to an acknowledged language certificate on different levels.

Korean language SLO® activity

As a part of our SLO® activities ISR offers Korean language classes for natives.

  • Native Korean class for grade 3–9 students: Wednesdays  3:15 pm–4 pm (period 9) 

The goal of this class is to enable the students to understand their mother tongue and Korean culture and to develop Korean speaking and writing skill through various Korean literary and non-literary texts. Contents of the class are based on the Korean academic curriculum and the qualified teacher offers students appropriate texts and homework by student’s level.

Hindi language SLO® activity

“Hindi is the soul of the Indian culture.”

As a part of the SLO® activity, ISR offers Hindi language classes for native speakers twice a week. Hindi for beginners on Wednesdays and Hindi for advanced on Fridays. The idea is to help our Indian students to write, read and speak fluently in their native language. Emphasis will also be given on vocabulary building and grammar.

To make the class even more interesting and get the students involved, we will also encourage them to enact, recite and compose poems and involve them in fun-filled activities related to the language. The goal is that the students will not only learn, but also celebrate Hindi as their national language.

Persian language SLO® activity

In this class, students not only learn reading and writing the Persian Language, but also explore the Iranian Culture. The aim of this class is to help all Iranian children to learn their native language, understand the rich history of their ancestors and thus instil a sense of pride in their culture and give them self-confidence.