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Why Parents Choose ISR

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Further Key Factors

  • Low turnover/high stability of ISR families and teachers from both Germany and abroad enables long-term friendships and a stable learning environment; families stay longer than 7 years on average.
  • No cancellation of classes thanks to a structured teacher substitution system, ISR guarantees an educational system based on continuous successive learning.
  • Fast and open communication through Academic Quality Coordinators: AQC's are coordinators (school directors) and part of the management team. They are responsible for several grade levels, and, being the direct contact person for parents and teachers, they ensure a very open and fast communication.
  • Learning success measurement: By means of regular testing, students can measure their learning abilities and the school can react more easily to deviations.
  • SABIS® Digital Platform: web-based platform allowing parents and students to follow up on student academic performance and progress throughout the school year.
  • Students learn both English and German at a high level. French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese are offered as additional languages.
  • Private full-day school from Kindergarten through Grade 12 with supervision between 7:30am and 5:45pm, included in the school fees.
  • A positive and motivating learning environment and individual support for each student.
  • Modern campus and infrastructure near Stadtwald Neuss, only a few minutes away from Düsseldorf. Our school is equipped with 3D printers, IT labs, interactive whiteboards and much more.
  • Private bus transport to and from the ISR campus, in the morning and the evening, in a radius of 75km.

Academic Excellence

Expats are warmly welcomed at ISR!

What Parents Say About ISR (English/German)

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