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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Why ISR?

1. High Stability of our Families

hp circle08 enUnlike many international schools, ISR students spend an average of 8 years at our school. This stable environment allows for a continuous and familiar learning environment where students can develop and form close friendships.

2. Multilingual world citizens

hp circle01 enWith English as the language of instruction, ISR students gain an advantage in global competition. The goal of using English as the official language is to make sure our students successfully complete their International Baccalaureate, which gives them access to top universities worldwide. In order to achieve maximum success, we offer a wide range of courses that meet the different requirements and that together achieve the goal of turning students into multilingual and self-confident world citizens. Currently, over 900 students from a total of 45 nations attend ISR. We value cultural diversity and we believe it enriches and strengthens the ISR community.

3. 100% class coverage

hp circle02 enThanks to a structured system of substitute teachers,  ISR always guarantees a continuous education. In recent years, the school has made large investments in highly qualified teachers from around the world. On average, there is one teacher for every six pupils, which ensures individual and continuous educational support. Through weekly learning success measurements, parents and students can consistently see if the set goals are reached. If a deficit is noticed the school can immediately react and if needed offer free tutoring in the form of "booster lessons“. We pride ourselves by not letting our students fail.

4. Academic Excellence

hp circle03 enInternational accredited degrees at ISR include the International Baccalaureate (IB), the American Advanced Placement Exams (AP) and the SABIS® High School Diploma. The IB degree, recognized as a "general qualification for university entrance" or “allgemeine Hochschulreife” in German, opens doors to top universities worldwide. For the last four years, ISR graduates have achieved an above-average IB score. In 2019, our students reached an average of 35 points, while the global average was 30 points. Over 16 % of our IB graduates received a score of 40 or higher out of a possible 45 points. This corresponds to a German Abitur grade of 1.3 or better. In addition, 100% of our ISR graduates pass the IB exam.

Thanks to their excellent IB results, ISR graduates received offers from a total of 150 renowned universities worldwide in 2018. These universities include: University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Boston University, MA, University of California San Diego, CA, RWTH Aachen, and the University of Maastricht. Here you can find a list of all university offers.

5. IT-supported Education

hp circle04 enE-books, virtual reality goggles, 3D printers, and modern computer rooms provide an all-encompassing learning experience. In doing so, we emphasize that technology does not replace traditional learning materials, but complement them to reach an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. For example, our students can use virtual reality goggles to explore ancient Rome in their history lesson or study the solar system in their physics lessons. For more information about ISR’s extraordinary IT-supported education, please have a look at pdfthis German newspaper article.

6. Character Building

hp circle05 enOur goal is not only to purposefully improve intellectual skills, but also to strengthen character values of all our students. ISR Students are given opportunities to learn organizational and leadership skills through our SABIS Student Life Organization®. The students learn these skills as they participate in running this student society. Just as in any “real-world” organization, students in the SABIS Student Life Organization®  SLO® work their way up the hierarchy by proving themselves capable at the lower levels of the organization. We feel that it is because of these positive formative experiences in SLO®, ISR graduates go on to become responsible leaders in their families, communities, workplaces, and countries.

In addition, we also put great importance on physical activities as well as musical education, in order to strengthen students’ character values through team spirit and a sense of community. For example, we are currently building a partnership with the PSV Sports Club in Neuss. Other sports offered at the school include volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, and much more. There is also a school gym free of use to all the students.

And finally, in addition to the regular music classes, Musicbox Oxana offers on-campus music lessons for all age groups in order to further develop shared experiences and team spirit.

7. Full-Day Care

hp circle06 enISR school hours are adapted to suit the needs of working parents. Extended before and after-care are available for all students from 7: 30 to 17:45 without any additional costs.

8. School Bus

hp circle07 enTo best serve the needs of our students and to ensure the safe arrival of our students, we offer school bus transportation within a radius of 75 km. Students will be picked up and dropped off at designated collection points in areas close to their homes. Prices and information can be found here.

9. University and Career Counselling

hp circle09 enISR prides itself on preparing students for life beyond ISR. Two full-time staff members are available to meet with students and their parents to make sure the appropriate course choices as Upper School students begin the path to university. In addition to in-school counseling, our University and Career Counselling (UCC) team also visit universities around the world with our students to help them get an on-the-spot impression. Likewise, the team organizes various in-house university fairs, where students can meet and interact with university representatives from around the world. We also strongly believe in internships as one of the best ways for students to get a real life impression of career options. We work hard to ensure that interested students find a suitable placement.

10. Spacious Campus

hp circle10 enOur modern 110,000 square meter campus in Neuss, includes classrooms, several large playgrounds and outdoor areas for the children, a large sports hall and the Neuss district sports facility (PSV) with a soccer field and a track and field facility.

11. On-Campus Nurse

hp circle12 enWe have an on campus nurse that takes care of smaller injuries and who can determine whether a child is sick or not. The school nurse also keeps all parents informed if they are any illnesses going around school. She also provides guidance on how to keep your children from getting sick.

12. In-House Library

hp circle13 enISR has its own library with over 25,000 books and a large collection of magazines and videos in many different languages. All students attend the library at least once per week to borrow books. Our younger students are obliged to borrow and read one German and one English book each week. There are also several computers for the students to use for research or the accelerated reading program where students can check their reading comprehension level. For our older students, there are study spaces available to use during the school day. All ISR families are also invited to come check out books during the Family Check-Out which takes place every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.