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We Enable Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Our Campus

Our modern 110,000 square meter campus in Neuss, includes classrooms, several large playgrounds and outdoor areas for the children, a large sports hall and the Neuss district sports facility (PSV) with a soccer field and a track and field facility.

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E-books, virtual reality goggles, 3D printers, and modern computer rooms provide an all-encompassing learning experience. In doing so, we emphasize that technology does not replace   traditional learning materials, but complement them to reach an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. For example, our students can use virtual reality goggles to explore ancient Rome in their history lesson or study the solar system in their physics lessons. For more information about ISR’s extraordinary IT-supported education, please have a look pdf at this German newspaper article.

The ISR Library

The ISR library has grown and developed over the past few years and now has over 25,000 books.

banks justin 2017Mr. Banks, ISR LibrarianTwo reading programs are run for certain classes in the library, the Antolin program to develop students’ skills in reading German and the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program to develop students’ reading skills in English. The AR Program has been run in the library for the last number of years and the students really enjoy the program.

The library also hosts a newly founded book club, comprising of grade 5 and 6 students, which meets once a week as part of their SLO® activity. Also new in the library this year is Question Bank of physics, chemistry and biology questions for IB students. These are available on PCs in the library.

Family Open Hours are Wednesdays and Fridays 16:00–17:00. Families can come in during family open hours and create a family account, if they do not already have one. There is no limit to the number of books which can be checked out on a family account. Books can be checked out for a period of two weeks and can be renewed for a further 2 weeks, if required.


Sports Facilities

Here at ISR, we are blessed with a wide range of fantastic sports facilities, meaning we are able to compete with, if not surpass, many other international schools in North Rhine Westphalia and in Germany. Having these facilities directly at our disposal, allows our students to practice and develop their skills in a variety of different activities and it also allows us to host a number of large-scale international sports events.

Our purpose built, state-of-the-art sports hall facility is fully equipped to be able to accommodate up to three physical education classes taking part simultaneously through the use of electronic dividing curtains, maximising the space available. Our sports hall is fully equipped and with the appropriate floor markings for the following activities: badminton, basketball, handball, football, indoor hockey and volleyball.

Another one of the many attractive features that our sports hall offers, is the indoor climbing wall. This climbing wall has both an easier climbing area and a more challenging area to climb for our more expert climbers! A number of our physical education teachers are adequately trained and offer indoor climbing as Student Life activity.

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Through an ongoing cooperation between the city of Neuss and ISR, students have the privilege to use the local outdoor sports facilities during the school day for PE lessons, including a grass football field, a cinder football field, a cinder running track, long jump/triple jump sandpit, in addition to the use of specialized running, jumping and throwing athletics equipment.

Catering and Kiosk

Our catering team always ensures balanced and healthy whole food with plenty of vegetables, cereals, fresh salads and only the best ingredients. For example, we have the popular organic spirelli pasta with a Bolognese sauce but, every now and again, we have pumpkin curry with chickpeas as a vegetarian alternative. In addition, we offer complete menus every week made from 100 per cent organic products, which we label separately on the menu.

The food for catering for schools and day-care centres is well thought out and lovingly prepared. We want to play a big part in helping our offspring learn how important healthy nutrition is at an early age and especially how much fun it is. When we compile our menus, we always take the preferences and trends of the children and youngsters into account so that there is something for every taste.

Find more information and our registration form on this page.

For children who prefer to take their lunch from home there a possibility for them to heat up the food in the canteen and eat together with their school friends.

Further, our school Kiosk offers sandwiches, sausages, drinks and other small snacks.


The music room of the school is equipped with numerous instruments like for example violins, guitars, drums just to mention a few. There are also 15 computers equipped with a special software to provide the students with almost endless opportunities for musical development. Thanks to this software, students can compose their own music and then record it professionally.

ISR hosts two major student concerts each year to which parents and friends of the school are invited. But also at other events, internal as well as external, our students delight young and old with their musical performances.