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Tim Strohmeyer

“Dear Mr. Soliman,

“maybe this comes a bit unexpected or late but I feel like I should address and recognize some of my teachers that really did an excellent job, not just teaching in class but also taking time after school, at home and in their personal free time. I want to recognize 4 teachers especially.

“Firstly, Ms. Mitchell is one of the most engaged and motivated teachers I ever had, often staying way beyond school finished, to help us on our IAs. She was always motivated, always enthusiastic, even in the last periods, when everyone was tired. Likewise, Mr. Obrien did an excellent job. To me his Physics class was by far the most interesting and inspiring subject. I am very thankful that Mr. Obrien was able to spark my enthusiasm for Physics, and deal with my many questions.

“Mr. K is another teacher that really took personal interest and initiative to help us. You could write to him anytime after school to answer or solve a question, and minutes later, he would send you pages with detailed answers and explanation, regardless, if he was on holiday, at home or wherever. It was his first year teaching Math HL, the hardest subject in my opinion and he couldn't have done it any better.

“Lastly I want to recognize Mr. Stumpf, who was the most organized teacher I had. We never had any problems with timing or deadlines whatsoever. Also, he would always reply to e-mails within hours with very detailed and helpful explanations.

“I am writing this e-mail because I feel like you should know how engaged and helpful these teachers were over the course of the last few years.

“Special thanks to you as well for all your work you have done and the opportunities you have given me.


Tim Strohmeyer