What Students and Parents Say

“I feel that one of the biggest benefits of ISR is how the staff and teachers provide the children with the confidence in succeeding and learning to be independent. They give them the tools (freedom) so that they can build the confidence within them to succeed. The ISR system also motivates children well to want to accomplish and surpass themselves.”

The Kollmar Family, Canada/Germany

“The regular AMS tests help in knowing if the students have understood the concepts and provides them with the scope to improve. The acedemic curriculum of SABIS is designed very well to prepare the students for higher studies.”

The Sawant Family, India

“Teachers are taking all efforts to make my child feel comfortable and enthusiastic in studying. Good morale values are imbibed. Regular tests are good way of update. Interactive methods of teaching is improving my child’s capacity to grasp a subject better way. The system has helped him to become independent in studies and social aspects.”

The Sakhalkar Family, India

“I am very pleased with the homeroom teachers of both of my children. I feel they have a positive attitude and seem to have an excellent rapport with the pupils. Generally my children have a good experience at the school and my daughter in grade one has made great progress in reading and writing. My son has been given the opportunity to pursue some of his own interests and study independently.”

The Sheehy Family, UK

“We value ISR’s Good academics, Adequate space and building, Good mixture local/foreign students, Education in the English language”

The Wunderlich Family, Germany

“We are extremely happy and proud to have our children at ISR! We cannot express our gratitude to ISR for all of the important things they do for our kids and the way the teachers are with our children. It is impressive!

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“ISR has such a good learning environment because of our wonderful teachers.  They are extremely supportive and always sacrifice some spare time to make sure that everyone is on the right track, even if that means explaining it a hundred times.”


“I like ISR because we have teachers from all over the world. Most of them are really funny and tell us interesting stories.  ISR is great because there are so many events like the Lock-In, Talent Showcase, Spirit Days, class trips, etc.  And at ISR, I’ve found friends from all over the world.”


“John Dewey said, ‘The aim of education is to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves.’ I joined ISR when it first opened in 2003. I have been growing with ISR tremendously as a person, and ISR is helping me to become a stronger, more confident and motivated student.”


“Going to school at ISR has helped me grow both academically and socially. The friendly but strict teachers here challenge me to be the best I can be, and my classmates contribute to the warm classroom environment. I am sure I will be prepared when I attend a top university, which is my ultimate goal.”


“I like ISR because we get good help from the teachers especially in the beginning when it’s hard. They really made me feel welcome.”


“I find the togetherness of my classmates particularly remarkable at ISR as well as the relationship between teachers and students. Everyone helps everyone, and everyone sticks together. This is not only felt during school-time but also at the great ISR events.”


“In the beginning, I couldn’t speak English. Then, I got so much help from the teachers that I enjoy learning at ISR. I like sports and music at ISR even more! At ISR I have so many friends from all over the world. So many nice teachers, so many fun activities. I’m so happy!”

William & Victoria

“I love ISR! I have friends and teachers from different countries – lessons are fun. And, I can speak English and German now.”


“I like this school because it is fun at the breaks, and I like my new friends Arian, Josh, Sid and Johannes. But it’s not only about the friends for me; I like the teachers because we can laugh with them. And, it is really important that we have good teachers. I’m lucky! ISR is a really good school.”


“The kids particularly enjoy that ISR feels like a little comfy village where everyone knows everybody and is friendly.  They also like all of the diverse after-school activities on offer. Our little ones love to dance and think it’s great that older children read books aloud to them.  Our older ones think it’s lovely that respect of others is highly regarded at ISR; they learn how to deal well with conflict as a result.”

The Jones Family

“From the very first contact, ISR has been a true pleasure to communicate with. We were embraced in a very nice way, both as parents as well as children. The Welcome Committee at ISR – is brilliant and the informal ‘Friday morning coffee’ every Friday makes you feel very welcome.

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“ISR was an excellent choice for our family. ISR organizes quite solid academic program, as well as extra activities, within the school time. So, the dual career family can completely rely on the school.

“We also liked that the strict German lessons were offered to the children and Lynn could enjoy learning both German and English.”

Korean Family

“I just love how warm the school is! Out of all the schools that my children have been to in their lifetime, which is many, this is the school they have loved the most! ISR is the most amazing school in the area...because of the school's approach with students and parents – they really take good care to make sure everyone is comfortable, understands what is happening...they are very good at communication. It is like a family- absolutely like a family! I have been an expat for 8 years and this is the most comfortable I have felt since coming to Germany!”

Canadian Family

“First, we chose ISR because of the warmness we met when we first came here - and also because our kids learn German here. We like that very much because it is not just an English-speaking school. We want them to learn both languages....that is a big advantage!”

Danish Family