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What Students and Parents Say

“Your school system and the caring attitude of the whole ISR team helped my daughter to strengthen her social and relationship behavior in an enormous way. There is no other school that can give her such strong support like you do. We really appreciate what you do for us.”

The Bräutigam Family, Germany

“We chose ISR because we are very impressed by its methods used to motivate children to work and learn, as well as ISR’s projects which encourage kids to take responsibility, its multicultural environment, and the possibility of obtaining international diplomas. But above all, seeing our boys enjoy the school is the best proof.”

The Rolsing Family, Russia

“Before I started working in SABIS® schools, I taught teenagers and young adults who had left school without any leaving certificate, having few chances to find a job. This was frustrating for me, and I kept on thinking, ‘If I could have only reached them sooner before they developed their low self-esteem...’ When I joined SABIS® in 2001, I learned the network-wide philosophy, ‘No student fails in peace.’ I promised myself, if we educators can achieve this, then I’ll stay. I am still here.”

Ms. Hietel, Primary School German Coordinator

“Our 3 oldest children adapted to ISR as if they had been there for years. It was the best decision, and we will never regret it. We appreciate the values being taught to our children, and Liam can hardly wait to join his sister and brothers when he starts Grade 1 in August.”

The Naumann Family, Mexico/USA

“Our daughter joined ISR last year and both her brothers followed. They are very motivated and have fun learning at an active school with a nice atmosphere, rules and joy.”

The Lalee Family, Germany/Afghanistan

“We truly enjoy our family life at ISR, where there are different cultures and new experiences. We also like that learning English and German are just as important to ISR as they are to us.”

The Jo Family, Korea

“As a teacher and a parent, the most valuable thing for me is that my kids are learning many languages in a safe and international environment.”

Dicle Bilgin, Turkey/Canada

“I am happy to do the drive from Leverkusen because my children are always telling me how happy they are at ISR.”

Carsten Ramelow, Germany

“We appreciate our son’s regular assessments and the SABIS® WebParent. Despite a rigorous structure, ISR has a warm, friendly atmosphere; therefore, we decided ISR is also the right choice for our daughter.”

The Sander Family, Poland

“We like ISR’s location. The teacher-student relationship is friendly and cordial. Our boys appreciate the SABIS® school routine, regular assessments, Student Life Organization and student management. They also value the guidance that allows them to learn without pressure.”

The Sawant Family, India

“We like the fact that both English and German are taught at ISR, allowing our children not only to become bilingual in a global language but also in the local language. And, the information, given to us by the Admissions’ staff as we were selecting a school, was so helpful that our expectations have been fully met.”

The Lopez Family, Spain

“We find ISR to be very unique in its approach to both academics and socialization. The Kindergarten has a very warm and caring atmosphere. For these reasons, we have already enrolled our 2nd child to start in August 2009.”

The Nielsch-Durso Family, Germany/Italy

“I like the way they organise the school activities along with the discipline maintained. SLO activities will definitely help the students to grow physically and mentally.”

The Chapala Family, India

“That both my children come back home happy after a long school day (you must not forget that some children travel back and forth to school a long way ...), that they are motivated to learn, that they know HOW to learn and are not disappointed when something goes wrong but try again. We like the spirit of the school and the possibility to always talk to the staff if necessary. This is a good school, and it should be proud.”

The Breloh Family, Austria

“The school has a very warm friendly atmosphere. We are happy that classes are conducted in English - our child is bilingual. We feel that this school puts more emphasis on good behaviour than other schools. We feel that our child is well looked after.”

The Strippel Family, Ireland

“I feel that one of the biggest benefits of ISR is how the staff and teachers provide the children with the confidence in succeeding and learning to be independent. They give them the tools (freedom) so that they can build the confidence within them to succeed. The ISR system also motivates children well to want to accomplish and surpass themselves.”

The Kollmar Family, Canada/Germany

“The regular AMS tests help in knowing if the students have understood the concepts and provides them with the scope to improve. The acedemic curriculum of SABIS is designed very well to prepare the students for higher studies.”

The Sawant Family, India

“Teachers are taking all efforts to make my child feel comfortable and enthusiastic in studying. Good morale values are imbibed. Regular tests are good way of update. Interactive methods of teaching is improving my child’s capacity to grasp a subject better way. The system has helped him to become independent in studies and social aspects.”

The Sakhalkar Family, India

“I am very pleased with the homeroom teachers of both of my children. I feel they have a positive attitude and seem to have an excellent rapport with the pupils. Generally my children have a good experience at the school and my daughter in grade one has made great progress in reading and writing. My son has been given the opportunity to pursue some of his own interests and study independently.”

The Sheehy Family, UK

“We value ISR’s Good academics, Adequate space and building, Good mixture local/foreign students, Education in the English language”

The Wunderlich Family, Germany