What Students and Parents Say

“I think it's great that we can do so many projects at ISR. The activities are fun, and you can choose which ones you want to do. And, some of them will, in fact, remain with you for the rest of your life.”

Stella, Germany

“Our daughter started at ISR with very little English. Because of ISR’s rigorous academic program and regular assessments via the SABIS® Educational System, she has been able to learn where her weaknesses in the language are. And, that has made her stronger.”

The Araki Family, Japan

“When joining ISR’s Kindergarten, our boys did not speak a word of English or German. Thanks to the friendly and supportive environment at ISR, they quickly picked up both languages and now, two years later, we are amazed every day how much they are learning in school. Best of all is that we feel that they are inspired to learn more, most times with happy smiles on their faces!”

The Ahlgren Family, Sweden

“ISR is very international and well organized! After a year, we feel even more confident in our choice. Not only are we happy that our daughter is learning so much, but she also tells us, ‘I like my school very much, and I have a lot of fun!’”

The Wu Family, China

“Our Grade 7 son joined at the beginning of 2009–10, and he feels very cared about at ISR. What a welcome change! He is balanced and happy, appreciates his friendly teachers who readily answer his questions and help when needed.”

The Pitsch Family, Germany

“Like most of the parents from foreign countries who work and reside in Germany, whose mother tongue and academic structure back home varies from here, we also went through a tough phase when it was time for our daughter to enter school. ISR not only met our requirements but also didn’t disappoint us. Our daughter goes happily to school and likes the environment very much. The teachers and staff are so friendly and caring which gives us confidence that she is in trusted hands.”

The Deepak Family, India

“We love that our Grade 2 son went from 0 to 100% fluent in German in less than a year. For an expat family, this has played a big role in the family’s integration into Germany.”

The Montgomery Family, UK/Sweden

“The international diversity and the rigorous school system enriches our twin boys. For three years now, our boys enjoy great teachers, responsible staff members and most of all, children from different cultures. Our aim is to raise our sons to be global citizens and thinkers, and ISR plays the main role.”

The Duygulu Family, Turkey

“As a family which has moved between countries freq<uently in recent years we were immediately attracted to ISR’s combination of international outlook and strong local roots. Entering into the school already in year 8, our son Simon has been strongly supported by the staff to adapt to the SABIS® system.”

The Jakeman Family, UK/Germany

“I have seen a dramatic change in Christiane since she started at ISR in December 2008. She likes going to school now and is responding well to the support and guidance given to her by her teachers. She is more self-assured and happy.”

The Wiercimok Family, USA/Germany

“Dennis’ stay at ISR was an outstanding experience. Academically, he was both challenged and motivated. On a personal level, he made lasting friendships and had a priceless international experience. Thanks to the great ISR staff!”

The Martinez Moro Family, Spain

“After immigrating to Germany, Brian felt displaced and discouraged. Now at ISR, he feels not only welcomed and encouraged but also cared for and supported by his teachers and fellow pupils. That, to us, is worth the investment.”

The Kipkurui-Eckers Family, Kenya/Germany

“I like teaching at ISR because the students are happy to be here and enjoy ISR’s academic challenge. I also enjoy the diversity and family-like atmosphere in the school. I’m fortunate to be at ISR so that I can continue developing a truly international perspective after having taught in various schools in France and Germany.”

Ms. Cattan, French Language Teacher

“‘In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.’ ISR provides an environment of positive reinforcement and quality teaching. Our children have achieved a great deal over the past year since we joined ISR and most importantly, they enjoy going there every day.”

The Kollmar Family, Canada/Germany

“We are 100 % happy with ISR. The environment at ISR is a beautiful harmonization of caring teachers and administration, academics and social interaction All three of my children feel at home at ISR, and we benefit from ISR’s extended day with wonderful supervisors. Great for a working mother!”

The Lisboa-Berens Family, Brazil

“Your school system and the caring attitude of the whole ISR team helped my daughter to strengthen her social and relationship behavior in an enormous way. There is no other school that can give her such strong support like you do. We really appreciate what you do for us.”

The Bräutigam Family, Germany

“We chose ISR because we are very impressed by its methods used to motivate children to work and learn, as well as ISR’s projects which encourage kids to take responsibility, its multicultural environment, and the possibility of obtaining international diplomas. But above all, seeing our boys enjoy the school is the best proof.”

The Rolsing Family, Russia

“Before I started working in SABIS® schools, I taught teenagers and young adults who had left school without any leaving certificate, having few chances to find a job. This was frustrating for me, and I kept on thinking, ‘If I could have only reached them sooner before they developed their low self-esteem...’ When I joined SABIS® in 2001, I learned the network-wide philosophy, ‘No student fails in peace.’ I promised myself, if we educators can achieve this, then I’ll stay. I am still here.”

Ms. Hietel, Primary School German Coordinator

“Our 3 oldest children adapted to ISR as if they had been there for years. It was the best decision, and we will never regret it. We appreciate the values being taught to our children, and Liam can hardly wait to join his sister and brothers when he starts Grade 1 in August.”

The Naumann Family, Mexico/USA

“Our daughter joined ISR last year and both her brothers followed. They are very motivated and have fun learning at an active school with a nice atmosphere, rules and joy.”

The Lalee Family, Germany/Afghanistan