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What Students and Parents Say


“Through this e-mail, I would like to show my appreciation for the hard work put in by my son’s science teacher. My son enjoys her class and is learning the concepts very well.

“Thanks to the ISR team!!!”

S. Family

“R. loves his new school and he shared with us how you all made him feel on the very first day. Thank you so much for such a warm welcome and we really feel blessed to be a part of ISR. For my son, it is surely a second home. We want to thank the wonderful team of ISR. You are the best!”

S. Family

„I am writing this e-mail to extend my special heartfelt thank you for your daily outstanding commitment. ISR is simply great! My daughter loves your school and I do too, because I know that the most wonderful person in my life is well cared for and receives the best education every day. Keep up the great work – I have absolutely no criticism of the school.“

H.-W. Family

“Dear Mrs. Wacker,

“I hope you had a wonderful summer! I wanted to thank you and Mrs. Hellman for the fantastic support and counselling during my IB years! In the end, I received and accepted the offer to study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester. The semester will start on 14th September and my university career will begin with an integrated foundation year. However, this wasn’t the only offer I received.

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“Dear Ms. Meyers, Mr. Soliman,

“This e-mail is to thank Ms. Ghica for being a wonderful teacher for both our kids. Ms. Ghica taught our elder son Pranshu during his Kindergarten and in Grade 1 and presently our second son Pratyay is in her Grade 1 class.

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“Dear Ms. V

“My son told me he is very happy in ISR in the first day; all of you gave him a warmly and friendly welcome! I appreciate your care very much.”

Family Z.

“I am presently involved in the IB program at ISR, Grade 11. With the approaching end of year 11, I am aware of so many aspects that made me get ahead academically and personally. Just to mention a selection of aspects, dear ISR teachers, thank you so much for:

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“Dear Mr. Bates and Mr. Cete,

“My husband and I would like to express a big, big "thank you" to you on behalf of organising the MUN event and travelling with our daughter and her friends to New York. She returned full of joy and with unforgettable memories and impressions in her mind. Both, being an active part of the MUN conference and exploring the city together with you and her friends, deeply inspired her.

“Have a good start into term 3.”

K. Family

I am a student in Grade 8 and I am an ISR student since I started in Kindergarten at the age of 3. Starting to learn English that early in an bilingual environment with native English teachers, I often do not notice whether I read an English or German book.

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“I now study civil engineering at the University of Bath (UK). When looking back to my time at ISR, I continuously become more and more aware of the experiences I gained and the benefits I got to enjoy there. More often than I had expected I notice that some of my skills are more developed than those of my peers. Specifically compared to those that did not do the challenging IB program, I am confident in time management, essay writing, and using a scientific approach to work. In combination with my English and German language skills, these helped me have a great start at university. I do feel that on average I was better prepared for university than other (international) students and I am very grateful for my former teachers for having had such a positive impact on my skills and my first steps after school. Specifically I would like to thank Ms Jordanova and Mr O’Brien for those amazing Maths and Physics lessons!

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Our son, who is currently in grade 11, enjoys going to ISR - and he is highly enthusiastic about his teachers. I would like to express my gratitude and share with you that he says ‘We only have super teachers!’

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We would like to thank you for the awesome change you and the excellent team of ISR have caused in my son. He is very happy and proud to be part of the ISR family.

Family R. – Germany

“Real humans with real feelings” are what I encountered during my Big Brother Big Sister experience this term. I was nervous before seeing my new “little sister” for the first time simply because I didn´t know what she would expect of me. However, even after our first visit to the library together, I was overwhelmed by how happy she was to have someone to look up to. It filled me with pride and a warm feeling all day long. After a couple of weeks I could already see her changing, developing, becoming calmer – and every time she saw me in the hallway she would wave at me and give me the brightest, most genuine and heart melting smile ever. I can honestly say that it makes my day being able to brighten someone else´s so easily. I never could have imagined that there was such a source of happiness and inner growth inside of someone.

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“From the first day on we were warmly and competently welcomed to ISR, even though we joined in the middle of the school year. The transition from the public school system to ISR was made as smooth and easy as possible for us. We especial enjoy the respectful manner in which everyone interacts. Furthermore, teachers and staff are highly motivated and helpful in answering any questions and solving any problems.

“Our final conclusion is that the decision to go to ISR was and is 100 % right for our daughter and us.

The Gritzmann Family

“Already since first grade, I have liked everything about ISR: the school itself, the teachers, and everything related to it. Simultaneously, I started to play golf and I have been playing it professionally for 5 years. Golf is a game that really requires time, hard work and energy especially after entering the national team, but because my fellow students and teachers help and support me, they both work together quite well. Another reason for this is ISR’s positive and peaceful learning atmosphere which helps me to concentrate in class and also save time. Thank you very much!”


“Dear Ms. Jordanova,

“I am writing to you today to say THANK YOU so much for helping my son in his SAT II Math preparations. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the gaps that hadn’t been covered yet in the IB curriculum. I am excited to inform you that he scored a perfect 800 on this math subject test. This would not have been possible without your help!

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“I really miss being a student at ISR! I miss the great atmosphere, all of my former teachers and my classmates. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to attend this great school. Every day spent at the school was a gift. I could not wait for my alarm clock to ring in the morning, to get up and go to school. Getting up in the morning and coming to school felt like arriving at a second home. Being welcomed by the staff in the morning everyone knowing your name made me feel welcome.

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“ISR is more than a private school; it is an institution and part of our life. Our children are happy to share the daily unique international experience with other students and the ISR staff . Our family, and especially our children, are very proud and happy to assist in all the festivities throughout the year. As we say in Greek, ‘the first 100 years of existence are difficult.’ We congratulate ISR on a job well done already in its first 10 years and for giving our children educational tools for a better future.”

The Kiourtsoglou Family, Greece

“Since joining ISR in September, our son enjoys going to Kindergarten very much. We know it is because of the teachers, staff, academic curriculum, school facilities and everything at ISR. It is our great pleasure to watch his development.”

The Inai Family, Japan

“My level of English is miles ahead. Speaking English all day long you learn this foreign language in no time, like when I joined ISR in the first grade. I even notice it with people who joined our school recently.”

Felix, Germany