What Students and Parents Say

“I now study civil engineering at the University of Bath (UK). When looking back to my time at ISR, I continuously become more and more aware of the experiences I gained and the benefits I got to enjoy there. More often than I had expected I notice that some of my skills are more developed than those of my peers. Specifically compared to those that did not do the challenging IB program, I am confident in time management, essay writing, and using a scientific approach to work. In combination with my English and German language skills, these helped me have a great start at university. I do feel that on average I was better prepared for university than other (international) students and I am very grateful for my former teachers for having had such a positive impact on my skills and my first steps after school. Specifically I would like to thank Ms Jordanova and Mr O’Brien for those amazing Maths and Physics lessons!

“I have not fully decided how I will continue my studies, however I may finish my Bachelor here in Bath and continue with a Master at a German university to maintain the international aspect of my education, which I started by joining ISR in first grade.

“Moreover I appreciate my ability to be fluent in two languages certainly almost every day. Sometimes I do get asked how it is to speak two (almost three) languages, and I feel that a further language opens up a lot of new perspectives, as every language functions in a slightly different way. I get to express things in a more detailed manner, as sometimes a word in another language is simply more suitable!

“Dear ISR teachers, Thank you so much for the great impact you have had on my school career!

Victoria (Alumni)