What Our Teachers Say

“I really enjoy working at ISR primarily because of the energy the students give me, their wit, intellect and sometimes, their cunning. In addition to this, I do appreciate the architecture of the school and the surrounding natural environment – it is a pleasure to arrive in the morning. As a teacher at ISR, I am able to participate in a multitude of activities and even set up some of my own. At ISR you can really benefit from the effort that you put in to your daily work and you are able to see the difference your teaching makes in the children’s education. To conclude: Opportunities are endless.”

Mr. Bates, IB Geography Teacher

“I enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the infectious enthusiasm of both staff and students. I’ve returned to ISR twice now after being away on maternity leave. Both times the transition from full-time mother to full-time teacher has been manageable. ISR accommodated me regarding my teaching preferences and I’ve been made to feel more than welcome by staff and students alike.”

Ms. McCullim

“Before I started working in SABIS® schools, I taught teenagers and young adults who had left school without any leaving certificates, having few chances to find a job. This was frustrating for me, and I kept on thinking, ‘If I could have only reached them sooner before they developed their low self-esteem…’  When I joined SABIS® in 2001, I learned the network-wide philosophy, ‘No student fails in peace.’  I promised myself, if we educators can achieve this, then I’ll stay. I am still here.”

Ms. Hietel, German Primary Coordinator

“I like working at ISR because of my wonderful, warm and caring students who make me laugh at least once a day. I enjoy teaching in an international environment where I have the chance to learn more about various cultures. The people at ISR have become a second family to me.”

Ms. Rüggeberg, German as a Foreign Language Teacher

“I like teaching at ISR because the students are happy to be here and enjoy ISR’s academic challenge.  I also enjoy the diversity and family-like atmosphere in the school.  I’m fortunate to be at ISR so that I can continue developing a truly international perspective after having taught in various schools in France and Germany.”

Ms. Cattan, French Teacher

“I loved teaching KG1 Language and Vocabulary this year! The children actively learned new concepts through role-playing, story time, and vocabulary treasure hunts!”

Ms. Mac Fhionnbhairr, Kindergarten Teacher

“I took over this class midway through term 1 and am I ever glad that I did! This group of students ask intelligent questions, they are motivated and they take care of one another.”

8th Grade Teacher

“It has been wonderful to see how much more English is spoken in our lessons between students. They are becoming avid readers and I hope that they will continue to choose novels which transport them to other worlds.”

8th Grade Teacher

“Having an interactive whiteboard in our class this year means that we have made use of the Britannica Encyclopaedia to delve deeper into fields of study. Games, songs, PowerPoint presentations, organization, our whole day is influenced by the board and the opportunities it brings.”

5th Grade Teacher

“I have been able to spend a lot of time in the library this year, and I am impressed by how much it continues to grow. Seeing families Mondays and Thursdays who take the time to read together and foster a love of learning is a great pleasure. Thank you to all of the families who support the library with donations and by using the book orders offered throughout the year.”


“I really loved teaching Grade 3 Intensive German this year! The students were always cheerful and curious about learning new topics. Their great commitment has been a pleasure to me!”

Ms. Ziganki

“I love the initiative and leadership the students of 3A and 3B show. Teaching a class of strong leaders, kids who are driven to learn, makes my job so enjoyable!  They learn fast and progress quickly.”

Ms. Bucher

“KG2A is a great group of happy students! I love how excited they are to learn new things. They love to tell jokes in class. We’ve had a fun year together with lots of laughs!”

Ms. MacRae

“2B German: You are energetic, warm-hearted and thirsty for knowledge! It is a pleasure for me to teach you every day!”

Ms. Küster

“Grade 1 German – I love their enthusiasm, especially for reading!  When exploring why we have day and night, a student asked ‘How come we don’t have 2 suns?  That way the Earth could still turn and we would have sunlight during the day and night!’  I love the creative minds of first graders.”

Ms. Hoffman

“It’s my first year at ISR and they gave me the German Literature Course in Grade 9 – I accepted the challenge and I’m still happy to teach this course and show them the different possibilities how enjoyable the German Language can be.  Thank you guys for a great year!”

Ms. Erwin

“It is such a pleasure to teach French in grade 6A-B this year. The students do not give me the feeling that French is hard to learn and they are really motivated and always curious about learning new concepts. I am really proud of them – BRAVO.”

Ms. Perera

“Grade 3 German Regular: I loved teaching German in 3A/3B as their love of learning and their enthusiasm sent me home with a smile each day. Eugen Eule and I will miss you dearly!”

Ms. Nowak

“I had a great time exploring the world of Science this year with 4B. We had a great time observing forces of nature, both big and small.”

Ms. Vrem

“The students in 3A are amazing! Thank you for making my return to ISR so pleasant!”

Ms. Vrem