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ISR Families

Dear Ms Ghica,

I wanted to tell you how well Leopold was prepared for the German Gymnasium by the ISR. In ISR they learn how to learn (by the regular and extensive spelling lists) (Lernen zu Lernen) and to cope with quite a lot of workload. That is why the 5th grade of the German Gymnasium is not as tough for Leopold as for the other children from the German Grundschule. That is also because of the immense advantage of the English skills, he acquired at ISR.

Especially the German Department teaches the children all the key skills for a German Gymnasium. German reading is enhanced by the Antolin programme and the children are very motivated by the outlook of a Pizza Party. Diktate müssen die Eltern in deutschen Schulen auch mit Ihren Kindern machen.

I also like a lot that the children learn how to write correctly from the beginning and not „Lernen nach Gehör". And all the Staff at ISR is always friendly and helpful. It is a joy to come to the school.

Many greetings and have a nice long week-end.

Hanna H.

Dear Mrs. Lyons, Mr. Soliman,

We will like to take a little time from our day to express our gratitude to a magnificent team. This year is starting to be an amazing educational journey for our kids. They have great teachers, teachers who make our kids want to come to school daily and motivate them to the point that subjects that they use to dislike so much are now their favorite subjects. Teachers that understand and motivate kids to try their best and to give their best. Teachers that have empathy and love for their students.

We will like to give a special thanks to:

Mr. Bernard - I can’t say enough about him and the way he teaches, talks and relates to students. Mr. Bernard is one of those teachers that you wish you could have year after year after year. One of those teachers that touches the life of a student for good. Maria Isabella loves math and science even though math was one of her weak subjects. She just enjoys to practice more to get better results so she can ask Mr. Bernard how is she doing. Every day we hear how good Mr. Bernard is and what they did and learn in his class. Those stories are music to our ears. It means our children are learning and are happy to be learning (we call Mr. Bernard an angel walking on earth).

Ms. Guinn - a new addition to ISR, but looks and feels like if she was here forever. It makes us parents and the children feel relaxed and happy that she is with our children. She teaches our children to be fair, to have respect and to love to one another. Thank you!!!

Ms. Insell in first grade - my son loves her class and comes home with new knowledge every day, a new letter or a new story to tell. The start of Grade 1 has been stress free and enjoyable for both the children and parents. José Daniel enjoys his days at ISR and is learning so much.

Mrs. Racheva - both of my children enjoy sports and want to try their best to be the best. They want to bring home Mr. ISR (the teddy bear Mrs. Racheva gives to the star of the week in sports). Great idea!

Mr. McGee - María Lucía is so excited to have Social Studies with him and tell us how good, interesting and full of life his classes are. Not a single day passes without a comment of Mr. McGee’s class.

Mr. K Wow - To keep teenagers focus and motivated in a math class, he must be a magician! What a difference we see in María Lucías attitude and learning from last year math and this year, we often think what a difference a great teacher can make. He is just amazing!

Mr. Geoff and Mr. Mo- They are the incredible, what patience's, discipline and love they show to our kids. 

I’m sure I didn’t mention all but this where the names that came to my mind today.We are proud parents of our school and of our teachers.

Kind Regards,

Ivana Steinvorth

“We are extremely happy and proud to have our children at ISR! We cannot express our gratitude to ISR for all of the important things they do for our kids and the way the teachers are with our children. It is impressive!

“They really care about the kids! A fantastic team of teachers is what makes a difference from other international schools. The academic curriculum is very good with a high level of education and standards. Also, ISR teaches kids morals and values, discipline, how to be responsible and become a better person.

“As soon as we arrived at ISR we were greeted at the door by children, everyone passing us said ‘Good Morning!’, the kids looked so happy to be there and everything was very organized. Plus, the ISR campus has a lot of green areas and open space. All of this made us choose ISR to be our school for as long as we are in Germany. We are very proud to be part of ISR!”

Costa Rican / Italian Family

“From the very first contact, ISR has been a true pleasure to communicate with.

“We were embraced in a very nice way, both as parents as well as children. The Welcome Committee at ISR – is brilliant and the informal ‘Friday morning coffee’ every Friday makes you feel very welcome.

“As a child, you are from the first minute you enter the door, met from a classmate whom is responsible that you feel comfortable and introduces you to the Student Life Organization.

“Even though the SABIS school system is VERY different from our Danish public system, it’s for sure a great way of ensuring that children are at the right level they should be at and they even have a weekly test to follow up on the level. Further, we find it interesting that in the SABIS school system worldwide, the pupils are learning the same material on the same days all over the world. Because of our positive experience at ISR, we have chosen to put our children in at a private school in Denmark.

“We also were so lucky to experience the Family Fun Day and the ISR Mini Olympics, which was a very well organized and fun day for the whole family.

“It was a short but very rewarding stay for our children at ISR and also a very nice experience for us as adults. We can only highly recommend the ISR International School on the Rhine, the learning environment, the teachers and the professional administration of the school.”

Danish Family

“ISR was an excellent choice for our family. ISR organizes quite solid academic program, as well as extra activities, within the school time. So, the dual career family can completely rely on the school.

“We also liked that the strict German lessons were offered to the children and Lynn could enjoy learning both German and English.”

Korean Family

“I just love how warm the school is! Out of all the schools that my children have been to in their lifetime, which is many, this is the school they have loved the most! ISR is the most amazing school in the area...because of the school's approach with students and parents – they really take good care to make sure everyone is comfortable, understands what is happening...they are very good at communication. It is like a family- absolutely like a family! I have been an expat for 8 years and this is the most comfortable I have felt since coming to Germany!”

Canadian Family

“First, we chose ISR because of the warmness we met when we first came here - and also because our kids learn German here. We like that very much because it is not just an English-speaking school. We want them to learn both languages....that is a big advantage!”

Danish Family

“As a long-term family at ISR, what I really appreciate about the new management team is the strong committment to embrace new ideas to create positive change and work towards the goal of becoming one of the top 20 schools in Germany and Europe. Another important change I see is a focused effort to warmly welcome and support our new families, making ISR feel like a second home for many students and parents. On the academic side, there has been a shift to integrate more creativity into class work and project work. Also, teachers and the Academic Coordinators have a compassionate understanding for the individual learning needs of each child. Overall, the positive, supportive and inspiring atmosphere at ISR makes it a unique and exceptional school!”

American Family

“I am a mother of 2 girls (8 and 13 years old). We are very happy and satisfied with ISR, its dedicated employees and the education they provide to our daughters. The school has innovative and caring teachers and our girls adapted easily to the SABIS system which helped them to learn how to study the right way and face problems and challenges positively. Our daughters are looking forward to going to school every day, which I consider a big compliment on its own for the school.”

Swiss/German Family

“My experience at ISR is so wonderful! My kids are learning a lot and are good in their subjects. The teachers are so friendly with the students. ISR helps my kids to become more confident. It is not just a school to learn Math and Science – at ISR the kids learn how to make choices in life.”

Kuwaiti Family

“Over and above the excellent academic standards and results of ISR, the professional and dedicated staff create a favourable setting for learning. In the two years my children have attended the school, they have developed in confidence and have become motivated individuals. The active parent community also played an important role in assisting our family orientate with school and the surroundings and made our transition easier.”

South African Family

“Thank you ISR for a job well done. The strong sense of community, the active role of parents, the exposure to various cultures and, above all, the well selected teaching staff have been main reasons for our satisfaction with ISR education.

“We have been very happy with ISR for the fabulous teaching staff who not only maintain high academic standard but also continuously instill genuine love for learning in students of all ability levels. We have noted our kids blossom and develop their problem solving skills and creativity during past years and appreciate the school’s effort to offer them the best every day.”

Egyptian Family

“The school has the most enthusiastic teachers. They see the individual needs and always try their best to help and inspire the potential in the children. Our daughter enjoys learning and the diversity of after school activities. We are very happy to be with ISR.”

Chinese Family

“All that matters for a parent is to give the best to his child. All your questions are answered here at ISR. The location is excellent – very peaceful. The school environment is healthy and friendly – my child does not feel alone in a new country. The teachers are very good, well trained and most important – they are willing to help the child in the best way they can. Though similar to Indian education in terms of regular testing, the education at ISR has some unique features, such as lots of activities, which we like most. We are satisfied we made the right choice for our kids.”

Indian Family

“Coming from Belgium to Germany as expatriates without speaking German was challenging for us. One year after, we can certainly say that ISR was a bridge for all of us to the social and cultural life. Our 4 year old daughter discovered a very exciting, joyful and splendid world where the difference is an asset. We, as parents are very proud to see how fast she adapted to new conditions, learned to express herself in English and progressed in all matters. Now, it is a great pleasure for us to hear her saying ‘I adore Germany’.”

Russian/French Family

“We moved from the Connecticut, USA to Germany three years ago. We had a lot of anxiety about this move as our oldest child was about to enter high school. Connecticut is known for its academic excellence, and therefore we have very high standards when it comes to the education of our children. Hence, we looked into all three international schools in the Dusseldorf area to ensure that our children would receive the best education that an international school can provide.

“We decided to enrol our children at ISR based on our own research and a testimonial of a US friend who had had her children attend ISF in Frankfurt, another SABIS curriculum school. Before even starting at ISR, we felt that the school and the SABIS system would meet all of our needs. While we expected excellence in the areas of Math and Science, we also needed to ensure that our children would receive extra support in German and the other foreign language of their choice. ISR provided custom-made German and foreign language classes to ensure that our children would quickly catch up. As a matter of fact, our primary school son was able to move into the native speaker German class after one year because the German lessons were tailored to integrate him into regular German as soon as possible.

“In all, we have been very pleased with our experience at ISR. Our children have built wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime and they consider the halls of ISR their home away from home. The teachers are very energetic and motivated. We love the fact that they are not only compassionate and take the time to fill in gaps before a test, but that they are also fun and play chess with students or sit with them during lunch to debate current events. We feel that the administration and the teaching staff will go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure our children’s success.

“As a parent, I was warmly welcomed by the international community and I was immediately able to get involved at school to fill the lonely hours while my kids are at school. The German parents have been a great resource for me in my day-to-day life, ranging from mundane questions of finding the best butcher in town to great doctors and vacation resorts around Europe. We are blessed to be part of the ISR community and know that wherever our kids will go to school in the future, they will be well prepared for new challenges along their path.”

American Family

“As responsible parents we always wanted the best for our daughter and decided for ISR. We would recommend the same to other parents because of some very good reasons:

“We were always convinced with SABIS as a teaching system/methodology and really liked the way things were explained to us at the time of admission, as compared to other international schools. We were particularly impressed by the dedication and affection shown by teachers towards our daughter and other students. One of the reasons that we continued with the school was the transperancy, team work, determination and strong will power shown by the Parent Teacher Association, even in times of difficulty (financial crisis).”

Indian Family