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I love ISR…

“I feel that one of the biggest benefits of ISR is how the staff and teachers provide the children with the confidence in succeeding and learning to be independent. They give them the tools (freedom) so that they can build the confidence within them to succeed. The ISR system also motivates children well to want to accomplish and surpass themselves.”

The Kollmar Family, Canada/Germany

“The regular AMS tests help in knowing if the students have understood the concepts and provides them with the scope to improve. The acedemic curriculum of SABIS is designed very well to prepare the students for higher studies.”

The Sawant Family, India

“Teachers are taking all efforts to make my child feel comfortable and enthusiastic in studying. Good morale values are imbibed. Regular tests are good way of update. Interactive methods of teaching is improving my child’s capacity to grasp a subject better way. The system has helped him to become independent in studies and social aspects.”

The Sakhalkar Family, India

“I am very pleased with the homeroom teachers of both of my children. I feel they have a positive attitude and seem to have an excellent rapport with the pupils. Generally my children have a good experience at the school and my daughter in grade one has made great progress in reading and writing. My son has been given the opportunity to pursue some of his own interests and study independently.”

The Sheehy Family, UK

“We value ISR’s Good academics, Adequate space and building, Good mixture local/foreign students, Education in the English language”

The Wunderlich Family, Germany


What Students Say About ISR