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I love ISR…

I am a student in Grade 8 and I am an ISR student since I started in Kindergarten at the age of 3. Starting to learn English that early in an bilingual environment with native English teachers, I often do not notice whether I read an English or German book.

“Recently I became aware in what way the teachers opened my mind, made me understand how to think, and how to analyse and reflect while studying. Since I understood this, I am much more open and capable to master new challenges. Furthermore I enjoy being at ISR a lot. I am really thankful that my parents brought me to this school.”

Catharina (Grade 8)

“I now study civil engineering at the University of Bath (UK). When looking back to my time at ISR, I continuously become more and more aware of the experiences I gained and the benefits I got to enjoy there. More often than I had expected I notice that some of my skills are more developed than those of my peers. Specifically compared to those that did not do the challenging IB program, I am confident in time management, essay writing, and using a scientific approach to work. In combination with my English and German language skills, these helped me have a great start at university. I do feel that on average I was better prepared for university than other (international) students and I am very grateful for my former teachers for having had such a positive impact on my skills and my first steps after school. Specifically I would like to thank Ms Jordanova and Mr O’Brien for those amazing Maths and Physics lessons!

“I have not fully decided how I will continue my studies, however I may finish my Bachelor here in Bath and continue with a Master at a German university to maintain the international aspect of my education, which I started by joining ISR in first grade.

“Moreover I appreciate my ability to be fluent in two languages certainly almost every day. Sometimes I do get asked how it is to speak two (almost three) languages, and I feel that a further language opens up a lot of new perspectives, as every language functions in a slightly different way. I get to express things in a more detailed manner, as sometimes a word in another language is simply more suitable!

“Dear ISR teachers, Thank you so much for the great impact you have had on my school career!

Victoria (Alumni)

Our son, who is currently in grade 11, enjoys going to ISR - and he is highly enthusiastic about his teachers. I would like to express my gratitude and share with you that he says ‘We only have super teachers!’

“I can’t remember thinking that about my teachers when I went to school. Therefore, I would like to thank all teachers and the entire school staff. I would especially like to thank Mr. O’Brien (Physics), Mr. Kheir (Math), and Mr. Stumpf (German), because according to my son they are ‘super’ committed (as are the other teachers!) and make learning fun. Even though we might not attend every parent teacher conference, we still keep ourselves informed about what is happening in the school and our son also keeps us in the know.

“Furthermore, I would like to mention the outstanding contribution by Mr. Urban, our son’s homeroom teacher. Mr. Urban is also in charge of CAS and cares about each individual student in an exemplary manner. I have never witnessed such wonderful commitment at any other school that our other two children attended.

“Our son already knows what he would like to pursue professionally (Physics, Engineering). He owes this clarity to his teachers. My wife and I haven’t influenced him in his subject choice as we have no career counselling background. He has been shaped and motivated by the school and we, as parents, can only support him and his plans.

“I want you to know that you have a wonderful and inspiring influence on your students.

“We would like to thank everyone for their hard work and hope that you that continue to maintain your ambitious and committed method of teaching.”

Family S.

We would like to thank you for the awesome change you and the excellent team of ISR have caused in my son. He is very happy and proud to be part of the ISR family.

Family R. – Germany

“Real humans with real feelings” are what I encountered during my Big Brother Big Sister experience this term. I was nervous before seeing my new “little sister” for the first time simply because I didn´t know what she would expect of me. However, even after our first visit to the library together, I was overwhelmed by how happy she was to have someone to look up to. It filled me with pride and a warm feeling all day long. After a couple of weeks I could already see her changing, developing, becoming calmer – and every time she saw me in the hallway she would wave at me and give me the brightest, most genuine and heart melting smile ever. I can honestly say that it makes my day being able to brighten someone else´s so easily. I never could have imagined that there was such a source of happiness and inner growth inside of someone.

Over the first few weeks with my ‘little sister’ I struggled with settling down and understanding her. She was very outgoing and active, but I believe that that is what brought us so close. She recognized there was someone there to “guide” her, someone whom she could learn from and in return, I learned a great deal of patience. I can honestly say, this experience has turned me into a better person. I feel more satisfied with myself, I look forward to meeting her each week and I find myself looking for her during her morning break just to see the glistening in her eyes telling the other children, “Hey, look, this is MY big sister!” Even in the bus, standing next to her father, she would run up to me and pull on her father’s leg proudly and in and excited manner saying “Daddy! Daddy! My big sister, Alexandra!” She has become more outgoing since I first met her, more confident, more happy and light-hearted in her surroundings. My initial impression was that she didn’t feel completely comfortable in her class but now she laughs with students and they actually really talk to and acknowledge her. All in all, I can say that I am incredibly proud of her and also, of myself, for being able to have such a positive impact on someone by simply BEING THERE!

Alexandra, Grade 11

“From the first day on we were warmly and competently welcomed to ISR, even though we joined in the middle of the school year. The transition from the public school system to ISR was made as smooth and easy as possible for us. We especial enjoy the respectful manner in which everyone interacts. Furthermore, teachers and staff are highly motivated and helpful in answering any questions and solving any problems.

“Our final conclusion is that the decision to go to ISR was and is 100 % right for our daughter and us.

The Gritzmann Family

“Already since first grade, I have liked everything about ISR: the school itself, the teachers, and everything related to it. Simultaneously, I started to play golf and I have been playing it professionally for 5 years. Golf is a game that really requires time, hard work and energy especially after entering the national team, but because my fellow students and teachers help and support me, they both work together quite well. Another reason for this is ISR’s positive and peaceful learning atmosphere which helps me to concentrate in class and also save time. Thank you very much!”


“Dear Ms. Jordanova,

“I am writing to you today to say THANK YOU so much for helping my son in his SAT II Math preparations. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the gaps that hadn’t been covered yet in the IB curriculum. I am excited to inform you that he scored a perfect 800 on this math subject test. This would not have been possible without your help!

“I am cc’ing Ms. Lyons, Ms. Adams and Mr. Soliman as I want to share with them what a dedicated and wonderful teacher you are! The IB curriculum is sequenced differently from the US math curriculum and therefore, some math concepts are taught in 12th grade only and some are not taught at all! However, you took the time to teach him the concepts needed as my son chose to take the more difficult Level 2 for the SAT II’s.

“Your efforts have come through and I am so thankful to know that my son is attending such a wonderful school with so many awesome teachers who are always there to help! If it wasn’t for your commitment, my son couldn’t have achieved a perfect score!

“On a side note, he received a 790 in the German SAT II - which is also great but we are so, so excited about his math score because that test is really hard!

“Have a great summer!”

A Very Grateful ISR Parent

“I really miss being a student at ISR! I miss the great atmosphere, all of my former teachers and my classmates. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to attend this great school. Every day spent at the school was a gift. I could not wait for my alarm clock to ring in the morning, to get up and go to school. Getting up in the morning and coming to school felt like arriving at a second home. Being welcomed by the staff in the morning everyone knowing your name made me feel welcome.

“ISR with all its great teachers, students and staff was like a family to me. The teachers were amazing and I hope (and know) that they still are. On top of being competent and dedicated (coming in on weekends to help us study for exams. Incredible!), they made us laugh, helped us out whenever they could and helped me set the highest goals possible and also achieve them. I still cannot forget how much they cared and tried to support us! Thinking about those times still makes me smile!

“University isn’t half as much fun and half as great. I now feel as if I am missing a part of me. I often think about the great time I had and just wish that I could turn back time, be sixteen again and attend grade 11. So far, these were the best years of my life. And if one day I have children of my own I know where to send them to school, where they will be in good hands and where they will get the best education anyone can dream off.

“I just want to thank everyone again for the most awesomest time I had. I am also very glad that everything turned out well for the school. It would have been a great loss if that school would have needed to close. I wish everyone the best and hope that I will be able to attend the next international day, open house day or any other day.”


Yasin, Mahmoud, Mostafa

“I enjoy sports at ISR.”

Yasin, Egypt

“I enjoy the activities & my friends at ISR.”

Mahmoud, Egypt

“I enjoy music at ISR.”

Mostafa, Egypt

William, Victoria

“In the beginning, I couldn’t speak English. Then, I got so much help from the teachers that I enjoy learning at ISR. I like sports and music at ISR even more!”

William, China

“At ISR I have so many friends from all over the world. So many nice teachers, so many fun activities. I’m so happy!”

Victoria, China

Kiourtsoglou Family

“ISR is more than a private school; it is an institution and part of our life. Our children are happy to share the daily unique international experience with other students and the ISR staff . Our family, and especially our children, are very proud and happy to assist in all the festivities throughout the year. As we say in Greek, ‘the first 100 years of existence are difficult.’ We congratulate ISR on a job well done already in its first 10 years and for giving our children educational tools for a better future.”

The Kiourtsoglou Family, Greece


“I love ISR! I have friends and teachers from different countries – lessons are fun. And, I can speak English and German now.”

Mana, Japan


“I find the togetherness of my classmates particularly remarkable at ISR as well as the relationship between teachers and students. Everyone helps everyone, and everyone sticks together. This is not only felt during schooltime but also at the great ISR events.”

Leah, Netherlands/Germany

Jonathan, Kaspian

“I like ISR because we get good help from the teachers especially in the beginning when its hard. They really made me feel welcome.”

Jonathan, Sweden

“I like this school because it is fun at the breaks, and I like my new friends Arian, Josh, Sid and Johannes. But it’s not only about the friends for me; I like the teachers because we can laugh with them. And, it is really important that we have good teachers. I’m lucky! ISR is a really good school.”

Kaspian, Sweden


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