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I love ISR…

“Respected Madam

“Through this mail we would like to thank the school for being the second home for our ward. He loves going to school … what else a parent could wish for. We would also like to thank the Math teacher of class 7A for being the best teacher our child could have asked for. He has been  very motivating and this has surely helped my ward develop love for the subject . Thank You ISR!”Mrs Singh

Dear Mr.Soliman, Mrs.Lyons

On Friday I was at ISR to conduct a fun learning activity with Ms.Insell’s class 1C. I was impressed to say the least, the way Ms.Insell conducts her class, how she speaks to the children,how they immediately listen to her, how the kids work together to reach objectives , how she promotes los that they work independently, I was just speechless, her class feels more like a spa than a first grade class, kids are so motivated ,working happy, relaxed ,learning in the best environment I have experience in a long time.
I went out from 1C class so proud and full of joy to see how much my son is learning each day in such a positive enviroment, with such an awesome teacher .
ISR is a great school and we can feel it just by walking around .

Thank you and congratulations, your staff Rocks!

Mrs Steinvorth

“The ISR website, as well as all the information material provided, offer a very good insight of the school. Knowledge of the school, however, deepens once one is actually there. At this point, I would like to thank you for the professional advice, the commitment, the transparency  and the empathy you continually displayed. What was particularly impressive to us was the readiness they had to respond to our individual questions and to answer them with relatable examples. That definitely won us over.

“Best regards,” familyBraun family

“Thank you so much for showing us the school and for all the information provided. I should say we did see quite a few schools during our trip and your school and you stand out. There are many schools which do straightforward selling which is very palpable.

“There would be just two schools we would consider – yours (...) for the academics, for the fact that we liked it more than anything else, for your approach to studying and showing school, for your openness and sincerity. Our counsellor in school is a strong advocate for your school and this would be his first choice as well.

“I hope we be able to come with kids till your year-end so they can see the school themselves.

“Thank you! Kind regards, Natalia”

B. Family (Russia)

“From the beginning at ISR our daughters settled into school life very quickly. The teachers are motivated, helpful, enthuastic and very professional. Our daughters are now confident, independent and have academically achieved and learned a lot.

“At ISR the choice of Academic subjects and Student Life Organization activities is excellent and varied, which our daughters enjoyed tremulously. Also the facilities available are excellent including the Library, which gave our daughters the opportunity to enjoy reading in a fun and relaxed way with a fantastic choice of books in several languages providing an English and German reading program for children from grades 1 to 7.

“The ISR community allowed us as a family to embrace and experience different cultures by attending various family events and activities held at ISR.

“We as a family have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ISR community and would like thank the ISR Management, staff, supervisors, teachers and parents for making our experience so enjoyable, our daughters have thrived academically, socially and have made wonderful lifelong friendships.

“We will always remember and appreciate what ISR has done to support us as a family and in particular for our daughters.

“Wishing ISR continued success in the future.”

Irish/Dutch Family

“The Junior MUN trip was an amazing trip, with a lot of learning opportunities and fun for everyone. We had the chance to interact with people from different countries and gain experiences in giving speeches and debating our own resolutions and ideas. So much fun!”


“It was a great experience for me to participate in the Junior MUN trip, because it was something completely new that I’ve never done before. I really liked the way we sat in the committees and everyone was acting so professional. It was a very well-organized event and it was fun to debate about the different resolutions to my committee topic “the question of the Kurds.” I found it very interesting to hear all the different opinions of the countries on this modern-day topic. I would definitely do it again and go to the next debate, because I liked representing a country that I didn’t know much about and then debating with it.”



“Through this e-mail, I would like to show my appreciation for the hard work put in by my son’s science teacher. My son enjoys her class and is learning the concepts very well.

“Thanks to the ISR team!!!”

S. Family

“R. loves his new school and he shared with us how you all made him feel on the very first day. Thank you so much for such a warm welcome and we really feel blessed to be a part of ISR. For my son, it is surely a second home. We want to thank the wonderful team of ISR. You are the best!”

S. Family

„I am writing this e-mail to extend my special heartfelt thank you for your daily outstanding commitment. ISR is simply great! My daughter loves your school and I do too, because I know that the most wonderful person in my life is well cared for and receives the best education every day. Keep up the great work – I have absolutely no criticism of the school.“

H.-W. Family

“Dear Mrs. Wacker,

“I hope you had a wonderful summer! I wanted to thank you and Mrs. Hellman for the fantastic support and counselling during my IB years! In the end, I received and accepted the offer to study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester. The semester will start on 14th September and my university career will begin with an integrated foundation year. However, this wasn’t the only offer I received. I was also accepted to study Engineering, Computational Engineering and Physics at RWTH Aachen; Aerospace Technology at the University Stuttgart; and, to my surprise, Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft. My plan is to complete the foundation year in Manchester, because I had already accepted the offer to study there before I received the offer from Delft. Afterwards, I will decide if I want to continue my studies in Manchester or transfer to Delft.

“Once again, thank you for all of your hard work and I wish you all the best for the future!”

Tim, Alumni

“Dear Ms. Meyers, Mr. Soliman,

“This e-mail is to thank Ms. Ghica for being a wonderful teacher for both our kids. Ms. Ghica taught our elder son Pranshu during his Kindergarten and in Grade 1 and presently our second son Pratyay is in her Grade 1 class.

“Ms. Ghica has been an outstanding teacher and more importantly she has enabled our kids to find their own talents and excel in the same. Having such a good teacher at an early age in one’s life is indeed a blessing and we are lucky to have Ms. Ghica teach our kids.

“I hope the school management will recognize Ms. Ghica for the excellent work which she does.”

Venkatesh G. Rao

“Dear Ms. V

“My son told me he is very happy in ISR in the first day; all of you gave him a warmly and friendly welcome! I appreciate your care very much.”

Family Z.

“I am presently involved in the IB program at ISR, Grade 11. With the approaching end of year 11, I am aware of so many aspects that made me get ahead academically and personally. Just to mention a selection of aspects, dear ISR teachers, thank you so much for:

• giving us a wide, reflected, and open perspective to the world as the IB program requires it, which enables us to look at our tasks properly, reflect and then get active.

• the huge passion you convey to us, positive thinking, and endurance in our challenging sciences HL courses. The Physics lessons developed my wish to become an engineer.

• the precise and substantial guideline in languages, especially in written tasks, it helps us to improve our level of writing skills in a measurable and effective way

• all your passion in the subjects and your helpful understanding of learning processes and how to get ahead - at short notice and subsequently in the long run

• and thank for always knowing how to motivate us and how to make us be confident about our life.”

Alexander (Grade 11)

“Dear Mr. Bates and Mr. Cete,

“My husband and I would like to express a big, big "thank you" to you on behalf of organising the MUN event and travelling with our daughter and her friends to New York. She returned full of joy and with unforgettable memories and impressions in her mind. Both, being an active part of the MUN conference and exploring the city together with you and her friends, deeply inspired her.

“Have a good start into term 3.”

K. Family


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