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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

ISR: Enabling Great Minds and Strong Characters

Welcome to ISR!

We thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education.

ISR is more than the school building or even the SABIS® Educational System™. The core of the school is driven by three underlying principles, which are the core of our culture:

  • We develop the full potential in every child.
  • We value each individual and find personalized solutions.
  • The management team and faculty members embody moral values.

We develop the full potential in every child

Our “raison d’être” is to develop the full potential in every child, regardless of the starting point. Our aim is to develop each child’s mind as well as his or her character.

Academic achievement is valued and positively reinforced at ISR.  Our students respect classmates who achieve exceptional academics. “It is cool to be a good student”. Indeed academic achievement is not touted, but rather embedded in a very easy going, natural approach – coupled with the willingness to help and teach others.

The fact we are a non-selective school means we work with each student and help them move from where they are academically to where they can be, thus focusing on each individual student’s strengths and academic potential.

A key component of the SABIS® Educational System™ is continual assessment of academic performance. This supports students by allowing the learning gaps to be identified and addressed quickly, thus ensuring all students have learned the concepts well before new material is introduced. Students are further supported to perform to their academic potential through booster classes, peer tutoring and individualized guidance and counseling. These unique features at ISR allows students to achieve more academically than otherwise possible, thus creating a solid academic basis for the future.

Success is not only determined by how much a child learns and grows academically, but also emotionally and socially, as they reach higher levels of accomplishment in all areas of their lives. High value is placed on achievement in other important developmental areas, such as music, art, sport and leadership, as well a performing well in their activities, such as chess club, or even a mentally difficult competition.

Developing each child’s full potential allows us to stand firmly behind our motto: “Enabling great minds and strong characters.”

We value each individual and find personalized solutions

Today’s world of unforeseen company and family decisions requires doing the right thing in the situation. We find tailored solutions for families, whether this be in relocations, transfers, or difficult family solutions.

Individual solutions for our students was demonstrated recently when one of our 12th grade students was in the hospital. The mother came into the hospital room and was surprised to find two teachers at the bed of the daughter. The teachers had decided on their own to tutor the student to make sure she would succeed in her tests. This exemplifies how dedicated our teachers are to finding solutions that work for each individual situation.

The management team and faculty members embody moral values

We practice what we preach. Our school is not run on policies or regulations, but rather on moral values. Our management structure and decision making is driven by individuals, as opposed to a rigid institution.

Each of our individual personal histories and value systems is comprised of individuals who work hard and bring significant life accomplishments in a humble manner to make our school great and yet fun. Each of us knows how to get results, in line with our moral values, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Our core culture helps define who we are as a school community and where we are headed in the future. Read more about our vision and mission.

Peter Soliman