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SLO® Departments

There are 8 SLO® Departments run by deputy head prefects.

Academic Department

  • AMS
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Class Academics
  • Shadow Teacher
  • Academic Event
  • Academic Support

Ensure that all students proactively get all the academic help they need through tutoring, study sessions and encouragement to excel academically, pass all their classes and acquire a thirst for knowledge.

The SLO® Academics Department is in charge of four main sub-departments: Boosters, Peer Tutoring, Shadow Teaching and Academic Events.

slo-academic-departmentAcademic Events are held once per term. Last term, we presented a quiz competition for grades 5 and 6. A team of five people from each grade competed against each other, and the members of the winning team each received medals. All the participants received a certificate of appreciation.

Shadow Teaching is offered as a way for students to learn from their peers. Instead of a teacher giving the lesson, a shadow teacher student is told which points must be covered in the lesson. The student then prepares and teaches the lesson instead of the teacher. Shadow teaching is a great way for students to gain confidence and experience.

Booster Class and Peer Tutoring go hand in hand. A booster class is an extra mandatory class, given during the Student Life period. Any student who has an average under 70% in a certain subject may be assigned to a booster class to get extra help from a teacher who usually teaches the subject. Peer tutoring is the same, except a student serves as a shadow teacher, which can be very effective since students sometimes learn best from their peers.

Discipline Department

  • Class Discipline
  • Indoor/Outdoor Discipline
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Peer Mediation
  • Themes

Create a safe school atmosphere conducive to learning by helping students manage their behavior, acquire and maintain good habits, abide by the school rules, resolve differences through mediation and peaceful means and protect students from bullying.

Management Department

  • Data Management
  • Communication
  • School Management
  • Training

To act as the central processing unit of Student Life by streamlining efficient communication, coordinating schedules, managing and maintaining the school premises and acting as the glue that binds all the departments of Student Life together.

The Management Department is mainly one of peer-to-peer communication, and consequently aims to make the school environment more appealing and attractive to the student body. Junior and senior prefects engage themselves with duties such as organizing office supplies, reaching out to the ISR family by means of diverse media like Radio ISR, and entering merit points in our school data system AMPS – and have the possibility to immerse themselves in the diverse areas of such administration by committing to the SABIS Student Life Organization® and the Management Department.

Sports Department

  • Sport Events
  • Sport Equipment
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Healthy Lifestyle

Foster an appreciation for sports and healthy habits/lifestyle while encouraging students to get and stay in shape, practice and improve in the sports they enjoy as well as promote new sports.

Our focus is two-fold: to create a well-organised system which allows students to train in particular sports and to challenge themselves in competitions, while teaching valuable life lessons, as well as promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In this department we take care of a multitude and variety of tasks, such as keeping an inventory on sport hall equipment and data entry, organising sports events, hosting other schools for tournaments and promoting a healthy life-style. All in all, we act as the bridge between the mainly academic school life and the P.E. department.

Activities Department

  • Clubs
  • Events
  • SLO® Period

Inspire students to pursue, share and teach special interests and hobbies while providing them with an outlet to express and explore their talents and complement their academic learning.

Outreach Department

  • Ambassadors
  • Sunshine
  • Recruitment

Motivate students, ensure that the morale is always at its highest and instil a sense of pride and belonging among the student body while creating the passion to help others. Instil and maintain an upbeat and positive school spirit at all times.

Outreach is in charge of keeping up the positive spirit in our ISR community. We organize the school spirit days every month, in addition to being ambassadors who welcome new students to ISR.

Primary School Department

Inspire primary school students to take ownership of their activities at school while learning good habits, responsibility and accountability at an early age. Increase the interaction between the secondary school and primary school students and to provide the primary school students with role models who can help prepare them for secondary school.

Social Responsibilities

The Social Responsibilities Department is divided into three sub-departments:

  • Green Initiatives
  • Local Community Service
  • Global Community service

Motivate students in the promotion of creating a green environment. Inspiring student participation in local and global communities’ events in a binding and supporting culture.

In the Global Community Service and the Local Community Service sub-departments, we try to help and support people in need on a global and local scale, respectively. We plan and organize the fundraisers and charity events at our school. In the Green Initiative sub-department, increasing awareness of the environment and the necessity for the protection of the Earth is our greatest priority. We aim to reduce the resources we consume unnecessarily in our school community and wish for the students to take environmental-friendly habits and ideas back home.

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