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Art Curriculum


Art classes in kindergarten & primary school are held several times a week and art projects are integrated into other subjects. Their creative pieces are proudly displayed in the homerooms and hallways.

Grades 1–4

Grades 1–4 have art class twice per week and create art projects in their classrooms, which relate to the themes they learn about in other subjects.

art-primary 1First Graders’ Art Display in ISR Corridorsart-primary 2Thanksgiving Art Display

Grades 5–8

Grades 5–8 work with a variety of mediums in their weekly art classes.

art-grades5-8 02art-grades5-8 04art-grades5-8 07


Grade 9

Grade 9 offers art classes twice per week and provides an introduction to art and design through a range of group and individual work projects.

  • Click to enlarge image Jonas_Franssen_and_Saud_Adam_Grade_9.jpg Grade 9 art class
  • Click to enlarge image keith-haring-mural_1.jpg Grade 9 mural exploring Keith Haring & Music
  • Click to enlarge image keith-haring-mural_2.jpg Grade 9 mural exploring Keith Haring & Music

Grade 10

Grade 10 students are prepared for the rigorous IB Visual Arts course in three classes per week. They are encouraged to take on a more mature and independent approach – working in their sketchbook, researching and developing their ideas, and eventually, discovering their own individual themes.

two-level-mural 1Grade 10 two-level mural exploring...two-level-mural 2...melding their own skylines

Grades 11–12

Grade 11 & 12 students study IB Visual Art, a rigorous two-year program preparing them for university. Past ISR art students have gone on to study art in Japan and interior architecture in Boston.

stop-motionGrade 12 Stop motion animation

In grade 11 and 12, IB years 1 and 2 respectively, the high level (HL) courses are 5 times per week, while standard level (SL) classes are 3 times per week.

Art Activities

art marijke van breukelnAll students have the opportunity to participate in some art-related clubs offered by the SABIS Student Life Organization®. For example, younger students can join the Arts and Crafts Club, whereas older students can participate in the Cartoon and Comic Illustration Club.

Art Displays

Artwork from a variety of grades is showcased in the two ISR gallery rooms at various intervals throughout the year, as well as at ISR events, such as International Day.

In addition, every year student artwork from all the grades is featured in the ISR Student Art Calendar. A yearly competition is also held for two winners for the ‘Winter Holiday Card’.

School Tile Mural devised by Ms. Klein, with parents, younger students, and students from Ms. Klein’s and Ms. Henebry’s art classes contributing pieces. Even teachers contributed pieces! Each artist was given the smaller picture to paint on a tile to create the large mural.
Artwork displays at International Day
Artwork displays at International Day
Artwork displays at International Day
3-D Art displays in the ISR Foyer

Art Exhibits

Grades 10 and 12 are offered the opportunity to go on an art trip to local art exhibitions and/or to a major European city to develop research relating to IB art topics and help inspire ideas.

A yearly IB Art Exhibition is held in Neuss or Düsseldorf to showcase art work created by IB students over the course of two years.

ISR Art Display at the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf – 4th October 2014

classic-remise-2014-collageISR pupils’ art works inspired by classic cars will be displayed at the Classic Remise, Harffstraße 110a, Düsseldorf. The work will feature at the Car Remise’s “Oldtimer Herbstfest” which takes places from the 4th–5th of October, 2014.

2nd Annual Art Exhibit 2013, Audi Zentrum, Düsseldorf

ISR Art Students open the Art Exhibit at the Audi Zentrum in Dusseldorf, where 60 pieces of artwork by six 11th graders were displayed.
Dripping Andy (Daniel)
Dripping Andy (Daniel)
We are All a Prince in the Rain (Engin)
We are All a Prince in the Rain (Engin)
Who is Disturbing? (Celina)
Who is Disturbing? (Celina)

IB Art Trips

Kunstakademie-Rundgang and Setareh Gallery, February 2015

On February 4th, 2015, our grade 10 and 11 students visited the Kunstakademie Rundgang in Düsseldorf with Mr. Urban and Ms. Henebry. It is always interesting to visit, because the art exhibitions are constantly changing. Additionally, many respected artists are employed there as professors – for instance, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Tomma Abts, Peter Doig, and Andreas Gursky. Some of whom we learned about in class and whose artwork was on display.

Kunstakademie 1
Kunstakademie 2
Kunstakademie 3
Kunstakademie 4

The group also visited the Setareh Gallery. They were guided by the gallery director and Mrs. Setareh around a Contemporary photography exhibit titled “CLASH!”. This exhibit featured artwork from Véronique Bourgoin and Sebastian Riemer. Afterwards, Mr. Setareh gave an interesting tour of the exhibition “ZERO INTERNATIONAL: The Avant Garde of the 1950s and 1960s”.

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, February 2013

Grade 10 & 11 art students visited the Rundgang (open day) at Die Kunstakademie Düsseldorf on Friday, 22nd February 2013 with Ms. Henebry and Mr. Urban – and wandered through the sculpture, painting, print, installation and performance art on show, with brief drawings in the classic sculpture hall.