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Welcome to ISR’s University and Career Counseling (UCC)!

We are here to assist you as you plan your path to university and beyond. The university application process is both challenging and exciting, and requires good preparation.  

Beginning in grade 8 and continuing through grade 12, we provide students with careful guidance on course selection and academic performance.  

In Career Counseling, we

  • Offer interest surveys and personality testing
  • Assist in course selection geared toward a future career
  • Show students how to research careers online and through books and magazines from the ISR library
  • Encourage students to gain work experience and assist them with their applications for internships  

In University Counseling, we

  • Help students find out what qualifications are needed for their intended course of study and to get into universities worldwide
  • Teach students how to choose a course of study and find the right university for them. Factors like location, university rankings, entry requirements, tuition fees, and application deadlines, application strategies and the application cycle are considered.
  • Teach students how to write personal statements and college essays in special workshops
  • Help students understand German university requirements for IB students

Advising and planning intensify in grades 11 and 12, when students receive personal guidance from counselors at all stages of the university process:  

  • Internships and work experience
  • Summer courses and programs
  • Personality tests
  • SAT, ACT, and other assessments
  • Career research
  • University essays and personal statements
  • Teacher and counselor letters of recommendation
  • Mock interviews
  • University and college visits
  • Preparing and submitting university applications and tracking offers

University and career counseling is carried out in group sessions and individual meetings.

For parents and students from grades 8–12, we hold evening information sessions.  Individual appointments can be requested by students and/or parents through either Mr. Capé or Ms. Wacker.

We are proud of the varied destinations our graduates choose, which include top universities in North America, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.  See our list of ISR university offers.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to help!

Internships and work experience

At ISR, we highly encourage our students to gain some work experience while they are still in school. We feel that work experience is an excellent tool in the process of choosing of a career. Students will benefit in many ways:  

  • Work experience is a reality check of their dream job and will help them to decide if a certain career is really for them.
  • They get a taste of ‘adult life’, which will further their personal development and broaden their horizons.
  • They can make contact with potential future employers.
  • They will enhance their university application by showing real passion and commitment to the course they want to study.

Depending on the student’s age and pre-experience, as well as the company’s circumstances, the work experience can be anything from a Taster -Day (‘Schnuppertag’), during which a student accompanies a professional on his daily business, up to a 3-week-internship with a specifically assigned project.

The UCC office provides individual help with the research of potential companies or institutions and the ways to approach these employers. Support is also given with the preparation of application documents. 

Here is a selection of the internships ISR students did and the course they were interested in studying at university:

  • Airbus – aerospace engineering
  • University Clinic Düsseldorf (Institute of Virology) – biomedical sciences
  • Audi (Controlling) – economics/finances
  • Porsche (Production) – international business management
  • Rolls Royce – electrical engineering
  • University of Cologne (Institute of Nuclear Physics) – physics
  • E.on – engineering
  • Rheinische Post – political sciences
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung – journalism
  • Farm in Romania – agricultural engineering
  • Pediatric and psychiatric ward in a hospital in Thailand – medicine and psychology
  • Artist’s workshop – fine art /animation
  • Various architecture firms – architecture and civil engineering

Summer Courses and Programs For Secondary School Students

The summers are an excellent time to explore your interests, get involved in extra -curricular activities and to branch out and try some new things. University taster courses, internships, languages courses, leadership camps, outdoor programs - the list of ideas to spend the summer meaningfully is endless. In the UCC office, we have a lot of flyers and brochures that can be picked up. Below is also a list with some ideas:

  1. Oxbridge Academic Programs for a college-style summer experience for 14–18 year olds:
  2. Oxford Study Courses, IB Summer Schools at MIT, Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford, UK University Tour:
  3. International Summer School of Scotland, St. Andrews:
  4. U.S. Space & Rocket Center Advanced Space Academy for 15–18 year olds:
  5. Johns Hopkins University for High School Students:
  6. University of Pennsylvania, Penn Summer for High School Students:
  7. Broadreach: Adventures Abroad for middle school, high school & college students:
  8. Princeton Review Summer Programs:
  9. Summer Discovery Programs in U.S., England and Spain:
  10. Jr. Discovery Programs for Middle School Students:
  11. English Speaking Union in the UK:, a debating experience
  12. Student Leadership Conferences in U.S. and Europe:
  13. Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C., New York City and China:
  14. New York Film Academy Summer Camps for Film and Acting for Ages 10–13, 14–17 in Hollywood, Paris, London, Florence, Harvard:
  15. Oxford Royale Academy at University of Oxford for 16-18 year old students:
  16. Moore College Summer Art and Design Institute for High School Girls:
  17. Talented Youth Summer Program, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

University and College Visits

Universities and colleges from around the world visit ISR

The UCC Office offers regular opportunities to meet with university and college representatives from around the world.

We host a wide range of university events that includes university fairs for all Upper Secondary students (grades 9–12), mandatory class sessions (grade 11) and visits for specialised schools that are optional for the students and are scheduled in the UCC office. These presentations may include business schools, art academies, hotel management schools or schools from geographic areas other than Europe and North America which are the destinations of a majority of our students.

In our selection of university visits we aim to cover both public and private schools and to include a large variety of schools with regards to the majors offered, as well as the size and the location.

All visits are hosted during the school day and are announced well in advance in the classrooms, on the UCC board and in the Weekly Update.

Trips to External University Events

We also take students to selected events in the area, such as the British Council University Fair and International College Night. In addition, students should check the UCC board for university and career related events in the area. Fairs like EINSTIEG, Berufe live, VOCATIUM as well as open days of German and Dutch universities are regularly announced on the board and in the Weekly Update.

University Representatives

If you are a university representative and would like to visit ISR, please contact the UCC office:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +49 2131 40388-257. Please visit our directions page for directions to the ISR campus.

Meet Our UCC Team

Mr. Capé

cape kevin 2017Head of UCC

Kevin Capé’s personal and professional life have taken him across a wide swath of the globe, including North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Born in the northwestern U.S. state of Oregon, he grew up speaking English, French and Spanish. After beginning his university studies in Spain, he finished at the University of Oregon, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa, with a BA degree in History and Economics. Capé later did graduate studies there, obtaining a State of Oregon secondary teaching credential.

He has been a teacher and university counsellor over several decades at international schools in Britain, Cyprus, Italy, and France.  His two most recent posts were director of Anglophone counselling at the Lycée International in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, and university counsellor and IB CAS coordinator at the International School of Monaco.  During his long career, Capé has visited over 150 universities throughout North and South America, and in Europe. He has had a very visible presence in the international counselling arena, having spoken to students, parents and colleagues at many conferences and college fairs in Europe and the U.S. Three of his articles on university counselling were published by the International Herald Tribune (now the International New York Times), and have been widely reprinted.

Outside the school realm, Capé has been a commentator on international political affairs, and his articles have appeared in most major American newspapers. He has also been interviewed by television stations in the western U.S., from Seattle to Los Angeles, as well as on National Public Radio, the BBC World Service, and the France2 news magazine, “Géopolis.”  

“I am excited about being at ISR, and encouraging students here to look at a wide variety of university options,” he says, “There are tremendous tertiary opportunities in English that did not exist even five years ago, from Anglophone courses at universities in Japan, to top business schools around Europe, now teaching in English at the undergraduate level.”  He adds, “I feel fortunate to be part of a three-member team, which gives us the flexibility to offer each student a personalized counselling program, from middle school through graduation.”

Ms. Wacker

wacker ulrikeUniversity and Career Counselor

Mr. Capé

Head of University and Career Counseling

Mr. Capé

Mr. Capé

Head of University and Career Counseling

Ms. Wacker

University and Career Counselor

Ms. Wacker

Ms. Wacker

University and Career Counselor