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CAS Projects

Starting in Grade 11, ISR students take part in different service projects in the three fields of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). CAS is central to the philosophy of the IB Diploma programme and enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning. It fosters the student’s awareness and appreciation of life beyond the academic arena.

The CAS program enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning. For student development to occur, CAS needs to involve:

  • real, purposeful activities and projects with significant learning outcomes
  • personal challenge
  • thoughtful consideration, such as planning and reflecting on the outcomes and the personal learning

With guidance from their CAS Coordinator, students at ISR choose their own CAS activities and projects and undertake them in a local and international context as appropriate meaning that students “own” their personal CAS programs.

Examples of past and present CAS projects

  • 2016 charity 01CAS students support Aktion Lichtblicke e. V. with our school bus! – ISR students: Hanna D., Marius E., Justus S., Jonathan S., Kotaro K. and Vincent G. handed over a donation of 1000 € to support Aktion Lichtblicke e. V. The students prompted and motivated pedestrians in Neuss and Düsseldorf to take and post a picture of the yellow American school bus on ISR’s Facebook page. ISR donated 1 € for every picture posted. This was a fantastic learning experience for all students involved.
  • Habitat for Humanity Project – in 2014 a project was started to build houses for those in need in Romania and this venture will continue in 2015 with another group of students in Portugal
  • Model United Nations – ISR was represented at the Baltic MUN in Rostock in May 2014. This debate tournament was based on discussing global issues were with other European students. Jonas B. was awarded the title Mr. MUN for his outstanding debate skills
  • Operation Wallacea – international scientific research expedition in Greece
  • Volunteer work at summer camps for children in need in China and Nepal
  • Teaching and supporting schools with supplies needed in Thailand and Indonesia
  • SLO® (SABIS Student Life Organization®) – peer tutoring and study group leaders in various subjects
  • SLO® Deputy Head in various departments
  • SLO® Senior Prefect in various departments
  • Teaching English at a local primary school or extended day care in the Neuss region. Sven K. won an Integration Award from the Rhein-Kreis-Neuss
  • Volunteer work at a soup kitchen in Düsseldorf
  • Support a local organization for homeless people
  • Local Fire Brigade and THW – (technical support unit for emergencies) training sessions/volunteer programs
  • Volunteer at the Red Cross
  • Volunteer work at a local animal shelter
  • Participate in various SLO® activities as a club leader or supporting member
  • Offer an art workshop as an SLO® activity for younger students in ISR
  • Volunteer work at a local orphanage or thrift shop for those in need
  • Bird House Project – part of the German National Nature Association
  • Think Green Locally – teaching physically-challenged children about environmental issues
  • Support the German Bone Marrow Donor Association (DKMS)
  • ISR Varsity Soccer School Team
  • ISR Ski Camp volunteers
  • Charity events and other fund raising events for various causes like the Charity Bike Challenge (CBC24) where Leopold B. and Nick H. rode their bicycles from Düsseldorf to London in 21 hours to raise 5,000 € to rebuild a school in Haiti. Other students raised funds through half-marathons, Tour de Ruhr and the Three Country Challenge, for example
  • Support the Children’s Hospice Regenbogenland in Düsseldorf and the “Lichtblicke” campaign from NE-WS 89.4 (radio) through fund raising
  • Graffiti Club as an SLO® activity, created a public mural in Neuss with the theme “Anti-Racism”
  • Created YouTube channels/flash-mobs/produced a documentary movie about a global theme
  • Business Club – students created their own business plan for a youth program and won 2nd place in a tournament
  • Music lessons for developmentally challenged children
  • Volunteer work at local retirement communities

Urban andre 2017

Mr. Urban

IB CAS Coordinator

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What a really diverse and wide-ranging CAS portfolio looks like: