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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Montgomery Family

“We love that our Grade 2 son went from 0 to 100% fluent in German in less than a year. For an expat family, this has played a big role in the family’s integration into Germany.”

The Montgomery Family, UK/Sweden

Duygulu Family

“The international diversity and the rigorous school system enriches our twin boys. For three years now, our boys enjoy great teachers, responsible staff members and most of all, children from different cultures. Our aim is to raise our sons to be global citizens and thinkers, and ISR plays the main role.”

The Duygulu Family, Turkey

Jakeman Family

“As a family which has moved between countries freq<uently in recent years we were immediately attracted to ISR’s combination of international outlook and strong local roots. Entering into the school already in year 8, our son Simon has been strongly supported by the staff to adapt to the SABIS® system.”

The Jakeman Family, UK/Germany

Ms. Rüggeberg

“I like working at ISR because of my wonderful, warm and caring students who make me laugh at least once a day. I enjoy teaching in an international environment where I have the chance to learn more about various cultures. The people at ISR have become a second family to me.”

Ms. Rüggeberg, German Language Teacher

Wiercimok Family

“I have seen a dramatic change in Christiane since she started at ISR in December 2008. She likes going to school now and is responding well to the support and guidance given to her by her teachers. She is more self-assured and happy.”

The Wiercimok Family, USA/Germany